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Project Posting

Access a fast-growing network of subs and suppliers

PlanHub Directory

Unlock access to a network of subs and suppliers ready to bid on your project. Search within your geographic area or expand your radius within the directory to cast your net wider. You can also narrow down subs by trade and location, and see which projects they’re interacting with.

Unlimited Projects, Unlimited ITBs

Post as many projects and send as many ITBs as you’d like. Send group messages to multiple subs at once or connect directly, and send follow-up reminders to bid with just a few clicks—all without having to leave PlanHub.

Shareable Projects Page

Boost your project’s visibility and start getting bids faster with the Shareable Projects Page, a public URL you can share directly with new or existing subs, or share on your website or social channels.

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Project Lead Finder

Unlock access to projects in early planning and design stages

Steady Stream of Quality Leads

There’s no question—finding quality new projects to keep your backlog filled is difficult and time-consuming. With LeadFinder, those leads are delivered directly to you, so you can line up new business faster and more effectively than ever before.

Better Visibility for Your Business

Reach out directly to architects, developers and owners that have projects in early planning and design phases. Over 99% of our projects have detailed contact information, so you can get in front of the people who have the power to make decisions.

Collaborative Space

Get into the consideration set early, so you are ready to go when the project is funded and open for bids—and develop solid relationships that pay off short- and long-term.

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Qualification & Risk Management

Find the right sub with the right qualifications, and manage risk effectively

Out of Network Directory

Take the hassle out of finding enough bid coverage for a trade—Search PlanHub’s Out-of-Network Directory of thousands of subcontractors spanning over 150+ trades. You can even search using convenient filters such as mileage radius from your project, specific trade, whether they’ve completed their profile and qualifications, and more.


Hiring the wrong sub exposes you to unwanted risk. PlanHub’s Qualification features allow you to identify subs with completed risk management profiles, so you can determine if they’re qualified based on your specific requirements. Filter subs based on which sections of the profile are complete, helping you narrow your search for qualified subs faster.

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Baseline & Bid Leveler

Receive & compare bids faster


Get quality bids the first time, every time. Baseline helps you automatically generate and customize a detailed list of CSI line items for your project and send the appropriate CSI items to subs to bid on. Subs can open it right in PlanHub’s Bid Builder, making it simple and fast for them to respond right away.

Bid Leveler

Comparing bids to one another has never been easier. See bids side by side, compare bid amounts, and review subs’ certifications and qualifications all in one place. Bid Leveler’s apples-to-apples approach allows you to easily drill down and see detailed, easy-to-scan cost breakdowns. Indicate bid preference, hide bids that don’t meet your needs, and request needed information from subs

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Bid Analytics Dashboard

Track and measure performance at every step

Bid Status At-a Glance

The Bid Analytics Dashboard doesn’t just show you a list of projects—it displays high-level summaries for all your active projects, as well as active projects by status. Easily view individual project details with just a click, so you can track incoming bids, project views, plan downloads, number of subs by state, and more!

Efficient Bid Management

Never miss a competitive bid again—the Bid Analytics Dashboard makes it easy to stay organized by having one centralized place where you can see all bids per project.

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Case Study
"We see huge potential for growth this year and view PlanHub as a beneficial tool to connect with General Contractors that we would not normally have access to."
President & Founder, Budova Group.
Budova Group logo

Navigating Growth with PlanHub.
Budova Group


Budova Group is looking to venture into the public works sector to mitigate the impact of economic challenges and foster growth. However, this can be particularly challenging for a smaller company. Public works projects often involve complex bidding processes and stringent qualifications. Despite these challenges, the company is leveraging its existing contacts and relationships within the industry to gain a foothold in the public works arena.


Since joining, the company has found PlanHub invaluable in expanding its network and forging connections with General Contractors they might not have had access to otherwise. This newfound access to a broader pool of potential clients has opened up exciting opportunities for the company’s growth and expansion.


Newfound Connections

have opened doors to exciting project opportunities and potential collaborations.

Invaluable Tool

to propel their business forward, foster partnerships, and achieve their long-term goals.

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Your easy-to-use hub for bidding projects.

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Real talk by general contractors who use PlanHub

“Having a directory with a consistent stream of contacts and projects proves invaluable for finding leads. After evaluating multiple platforms, we found that this one was a perfect fit”
Adam M.
“Having an end-to-end platform to put all your project information into and set your requirements has made it so much easier. I get at least 30% more done every day.”
Julian W.
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“PlanHub has been good for business. We’ve increased revenue 10-20% due to being on PlanHub.”
Quinn H.
“We see huge potential for growth this year and view PlanHub as a beneficial tool to connect with General Contractors that we would not normally have access to.”
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From the very beginning, PlanHub has been a place where people can do meaningful work and build strong relationships.

Come grow with us! We’re building innovative technologies that simplify preconstruction for everyone.

Estimation is a simple yet powerful digital estimating tool for general contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers that integrates with PlanHub’s existing Takeoff software
Create quicker, improved takeoffs effortlessly. PlanHub’s Takeoff aids your team in accurate, faster estimates, minimizing errors, and driving business growth.

Expand your network and connect with general contractors, subcontractors, owners, architects, and suppliers – not to mention thousands of relevant projects at your fingertips.

Generate relevant leads, faster and with precision. With access to private, hard-to-find projects, you can connect with architects and owners on projects still in the pre-design and design stages.

PlanHub’s advanced suite of bid management tools allows you to increase productivity, identify relevant projects using data, build bids with Takeoff, and manage bids through the entire process.