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3MG Roofing & Solar Embraces PlanHub’s Lead Generation

Roofing leads at PlanHub

“A company would choose to hire us for restoration or renovation projects because that’s our expertise and focus – it’s our bread and butter.” Randall Lyon, Project Manager, 3MG Roofing and Solar



3MG Roofing and Solar is a Florida-based company specializing in roofing and solar installation services. The company has been operating under its current name for three years and is headquartered in Winter Park, Florida. In addition to the main office, they have several other office locations in Tampa, Charlotte, Naples, Fort Myers, New Smyrna Beach, and Port Charlotte.


3MG Roofing and Solar primarily operates as a subcontractor but also handles general contractor and supplier work. Their primary focus is residential projects, particularly in the renovation and insurance restoration sectors. They offer a range of services, including roofing installation (shingle, tile, metal), solar panel installation (focusing on power-generating PV solar), and general construction services.


  • Suitable Commercial Project Identification
  • Workload Management in the Commercial Sector
  • Establishing Project Criteria and Benchmarks


  • Targeted New Niche Projects
  • Expanded Contractor Connections
  • Flexible Project Acceptance


  • Expanding Project Portfolio
  • Strong Connections
  • Untapped Potential



“We are well-versed in the insurance claims process, and as a result, many of our customers are able to get their work approved and covered by insurance,” said Randall.

The company’s target market consists mainly of residential customers, although they also have a commercial division. Their niche market lies in assisting with insurance restoration projects, utilizing their expertise in navigating the insurance claims process and ensuring coverage for restoration work.

Randall Lyons serves as a project manager at  3MG Roofing and Solar. His responsibilities include various aspects of project management, such as lead generation, sales, estimating, presentations, insurance claims handling, material selection, production management, subcontractor coordination, invoicing, collections, and insurance work.

3MG Roofing and Solar face a couple of challenges in their business operations. One of the main challenges is identifying suitable commercial projects. As a company primarily focused on residential projects, expanding into the commercial sector poses difficulties in finding and targeting the right projects.

Another challenge lies in workload management in the commercial sector. As they explore opportunities in this sector, they must assess their capacity and ability to handle larger projects. This includes evaluating their team’s capabilities, resources, and project management skills to ensure successful execution and timely completion.

“We contract crews based on the size of the job,” said Randall.

Determining project criteria and benchmarks is also challenging for 3MG Roofing and Solar. They need to establish clear guidelines for project selection, such as project size, revenue goals, and the number of projects they can commit to. This clarity is important for effectively utilizing lead generation platforms like PlanHub and other sources to identify and pursue suitable opportunities.


“Connecting with general contractors whom I wouldn’t typically have access to is a valuable opportunity,” said Randall.

3MG Roofing and Solar have found value in utilizing PlanHub for lead generation in their business operations. By leveraging this platform, they can focus their efforts on finding renovation projects within the residential sector, specifically targeting keywords related to roofing, such as shingle, tile, and metal roofs. This strategic approach allows them to identify suitable projects and expand their reach by connecting with general contractors who may have otherwise been out of their reach.

“As a project manager, my personal benchmarks usually involve achieving a minimum of one million dollars in annual residential sales, which is always considered the minimum gold standard. When it comes to commercial projects, the sky’s the limit in terms of potential,” said Randall.

Randall, along with other team members, actively utilizes PlanHub for lead generation purposes. They primarily concentrate on targeting residential customers, particularly multifamily apartment complexes, without placing strict limitations on project size. This flexibility enables them to accept projects of any scale, thereby maximizing their potential for growth and revenue generation.

During the trial period, Randall accesses PlanHub approximately once every four days. Currently, he is the sole representative from 3MG Roofing and Solar utilizing the platform, emphasizing the need for further integration of the tool into their overall operations.


“A company would choose to hire us for restoration or renovation projects because that’s our expertise and focus – it’s our bread and butter.”

The company recognizes several positive aspects of using PlanHub. Access to a wide range of projects, including larger ones, has been a significant advantage, allowing them to expand their project portfolio and explore new opportunities. Furthermore, connecting with general contractors who align with their target market has proven invaluable in fostering business relationships and securing new projects. While they have yet to utilize the lead finder feature, the potential for further growth and project acquisition through this tool remains untapped.

Moving forward, if 3MG Roofing and Solar decides to continue using PlanHub, their expectations are clear. They aim to generate a sufficient number of projects through the platform, contributing to their goal of achieving one million dollars in residential sales annually. Additionally, they express an interest in exploring the commercial sector; however, they are mindful of their workload capacity in that area and need to assess their resources and capabilities before pursuing this expansion further.

Overall, PlanHub has proven to be a valuable solution for 3MG Roofing and Solar in their lead generation efforts. The platform has provided them access to a diverse range of projects, enabled connections with relevant contractors, and positioned them for further growth and success in the residential sector. As they continue to leverage PlanHub and explore its potential, they are optimistic about achieving their sales goals and expanding their presence in the industry.

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