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Billion-Dollar Powerhouse: Oldcastle, A PlanHub Member

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“We are sort of like a vacuum cleaner out there; we don’t miss anything if we can help it.” Steve Bischke,  Architectural Sales Manager, Oldcastle.



Oldcastle is a highly esteemed company that operates as both a supplier and manufacturer, with an impressive market value in the billion-dollar range. Established in 1973, the company traces its origins to Ireland, where it began as a merger of various cement businesses. Since then, Oldcastle has become a global leader in the cement production industry, ranking among the top companies worldwide.

With outlets spanning across the United States, Oldcastle has established a strong presence in every state, including its notable operations in Florida. In cities such as Miami, Naples, Fort Myers, Sarasota, Tampa, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Panama City, Pensacola, and Zephyr Hills, Oldcastle’s outlets cater to the growing demands of the construction industry.


  • Limited Resources in the Industry
  • Project Organization
  • Lead Generation 


  • Reliable Supplier
  • Streamlined Bidding
  • Collaborative Success


  • Successful PlanHub Utilization
  • Proactive Networking
  • Maximizing Opportunities



In Florida, Oldcastle’s architectural sales manager, Steve Bischke, oversees the company’s outlets in Longwood and Gainesville. With an extensive tenure spanning over 40 years, Steve’s wealth of experience and expertise in the field makes him a crucial asset to the company. His dedicated role ensures that Oldcastle’s customers receive exceptional service and high-quality products.

Oldcastle’s success can be attributed to its unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. As one of the leading cement producers globally, the company continually strives to meet the evolving needs of its clients. With a strong foothold in Florida and a remarkable track record in the industry, Oldcastle remains a trusted and reputable name in the construction materials sector.

Oldcastle, like any successful company in the industry, encounters various challenges. One of the primary obstacles they face relates to the availability of materials. The recession between 2008 and 2016 resulted in the closure of many manufacturers, significantly impacting Oldcastle’s ability to secure essential resources for their production processes. This scarcity of materials, particularly with brick plants, has strained the industry and the company’s manufacturing capacity, making it challenging to meet the increasing demand.

The reduced number of operational brick plants is not the only challenge OldCastle confronts. The cost associated with reopening or building new facilities poses a significant obstacle. 

“You can’t just turn on a brick plant; it’s not like flipping a switch on an electric bulb. Building a brick plant costs somewhere around 20 million dollars,” said Steve.

In addition to the challenges related to material availability and high costs, Oldcastle also needs to send bids faster, maintain project organization, and foster genuine relationships to secure more projects. As a large and renowned company, Oldcastle experiences a significant demand for its services, which requires them to work efficiently and effectively. However, without the assistance of an automated tool, these tasks can become time-consuming and hinder their overall efficiency. Therefore, Oldcastle recognizes the importance of leveraging an automated solution to streamline their bid submission process, ensure project organization, and foster meaningful connections within the industry. By embracing such a tool, Oldcastle can enhance its workflow, improve efficiency, and ultimately meet the growing demands of their industry.


Oldcastle remains a reliable supplier of architectural block, stone, and brick for various building projects, overcoming the challenges they face. Thanks to their strong foothold in the market, they cater to the needs of buildings requiring exterior cladding. Active engagement with architects is a priority for Oldcastle as they strive to increase the adoption of their products within the architectural community.

“PlanHub makes sure that we are bidding on the correct product. Many times, I make copies of details, special shapes, or items that require special pricing, and I store them for reference. This helps me have records of these specifications. PlanHub helps me save time and improve efficiency,” said Steve.

To streamline the bidding process and ensure proper product selection, Oldcastle utilizes PlanHub. This powerful platform allows them to check specifications and bid for the correct product, especially when dealing with special shapes or details. By leveraging PlanHub, Steve and his team can access and store records of these specifications, saving time and improving efficiency.

In addition to technology, Oldcastle emphasizes the value of collaboration. Their membership in PlanHub provides access to a network of professionals, including architects, general contractors, and subcontractors. This opens doors for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and more project opportunities. Oldcastle actively participates in networking events, conferences, and trade shows, showcasing their expertise and fostering strong partnerships in the industry.

Through their strategic use of technology and collaboration, Oldcastle maintains a leading position in the architectural supply market. Their commitment to accuracy, efficiency, and relationship-building allows them to meet client needs and expand their presence in the construction industry.

As a proud member of PlanHub, Oldcastle recognizes the significance of expanding its reach and connecting with other contractors. They leverage the platform’s benefits to enhance visibility, attract new opportunities, and foster collaborations within the construction community. Steve expresses his satisfaction with PlanHub’s membership, highlighting the tremendous benefits they have experienced since joining. The platform’s extensive network of contractors has facilitated Oldcastle’.


Oldcastle utilization of PlanHub has yielded impressive results, with a team of 15-20 members actively using the platform daily. By leveraging the whole array of keywords available on PlanHub, Oldcastle has identified relevant projects and submitted winning bids. While the exact number of projects won through PlanHub was not specified, it is evident that the platform has played a crucial role in securing new opportunities for the company.

“If it has a building, we have architectural block. We have brick, we have stone; if it has a building we can potentially supply some sort of product for that building,” said Steve.

Oldcastle maintains a broad project scope, being open to opportunities regardless of their size. They recognize the value of every potential project, whether it’s a $1,000 or $200,000 endeavor. Their approach reflects a diligent and all-encompassing mindset, where they diligently pursue every opportunity, leaving no stone unturned. This commitment to thoroughness and attention to detail has allowed Oldcastle to maximize its project pipeline and capitalize on a wide range of opportunities.

“We are sort of like a vacuum cleaner out there; we don’t miss anything if we can help it,” said Steve.

Their unwavering work ethic and commitment to treating all contractors equally, regardless of project size, sets Oldcastle apart. They prioritize building personal relationships over focusing solely on company names or email exchanges. By fostering genuine connections with people, Oldcastle establishes trust and credibility within the industry, further enhancing its reputation and expanding its network.

“The more effort you put into it, the more calls you make, the more contractors you call, the more jobs you look at, sooner or later, you’re going to start being successful, and you will get to the point where you don’t even have to make calls anymore. It will just come to you,” said Steve.

When it comes to advice for success, Steve Bischke emphasizes the importance of selling concrete, networking, and actively engaging with contractors to increase project involvement. He encourages the team to identify the specific products they are selling, search for projects aligned with those keywords, and consistently submit bids. By dedicating themselves to daily efforts, making calls, and thoroughly examining potential jobs, Oldcastle increases its chances of achieving success. Bischke emphasizes that through persistence and hard work, success will eventually come, and opportunities will start flowing naturally.

The impressive results achieved by Oldcastle through their PlanHub membership, combined with their relentless work ethic, dedication to treating everyone equally, and focus on personal relationships, have solidified their position as a trusted and successful player in the construction industry.

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