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5 Organization Tips for General Contractors

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When you’re a general contractor, it’s important to stay on top of what’s happening with your business. Losing track of an order or missing a deadline can allow small problems to snowball into major issues. Fortunately, resources like PlanHub can help you institute some general organization in your business, along with a few of these organization tips.

1. Use One Calendar

If you run a business, you’re no stranger to calendars. However, as Entrepreneur points out, it’s best to have all your information in one place. If you have one calendar for projects, one for payments, one for bills, etc., combine them into a single document. Don’t be afraid to go digital and to color-code it for ease of reading, as this will make it harder for you to miss any scheduled appointments.

2. Streamline Your Filing System

Too often we end up using filing systems that only make sense in our heads, or which depend on knowing which drawer house certain documents. That’s why it’s best to take some time to draw up a document explaining your filing system, and to clearly label everything. Taking the extra time now means that when you need to get your tax documents, your invoices, your contracts, etc., you’ll know right where they are and have zero problems down the line.

3. Purge Your Office

A messy workplace takes its toll and clutter adds up over time. Take the time to purge anything you don’t need in your office. From the old phones sitting in the closet, to the stacks of old catalogs and junk mail, toss it into the recycling bin, and get it out of there! Vacuum, dust, and organize so your office is clean, and you can feel more organized.

4. Make Lists

List creation is one of the most effective ways to organize your thoughts and to ensure you don’t forget anything. Lists can help you accomplish goal in the coming week, document questions you need to ask a client, an remember errands you need to run the next day. A moment with a pad and a pen, or taking notes on a phone or tablet, can do wonders for your organization.

5. Use an Online Plan Room

Keeping all the details of a plan updated and accessible to everyone isn’t easy, but it’s key for making sure your projects reach completion as accurately as possible. An online plan room allows you to reach out to everyone on your team and to ensure everyone is looking at the same project when it comes time to get the job done!
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