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5 Ways Subcontractors Can Get on More Construction Bid Lists

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One way for subcontractors to get more construction leads is to get on project bid lists. These bid lists provide subs with information on projects that are up for bid and searching for sub bids. It’s a great way to get leads sent to you instead of searching for them.
The question is, how can subcontractors get on these bid lists so they can find potential projects that are accepting bids. We’ve got a shortlist of five ways for subs to get on more construction bid lists.

Five ways subcontractors can get on more bid lists


Everyone knows that in this industry, it’s not what you know but who you know. You also already know the value of networking for your business, so we’re not going to waste time discussing it. The key is knowing where to network to get the most bid opportunities.
The best organizations to join are your local contractors’ associations, bid exchanges, and the industry organizations specific to the type of work you perform. Contractors’ associations and bid exchanges offer more benefits than just bidding opportunities, so being a member of these organizations is a valuable investment when you are trying to build relationships. Membership in industry organizations provides a sense of authority to your business, which could mean you get more opportunities.
Attending industry conferences is another great way to meet potential clients. Attend both general construction industry events, as well as those geared to your particular work. Take the time to get to know some of the attendees, whether it’s over lunch or drinks after the conference. Make sure you have plenty of business cards to hand out.

Online presence

The more places your business is listed online, the easier it is for potential customers to find you. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to have an account for everything and purchase advertising everywhere. However, having some key listings is essential to be found on the internet.
It would be best to start with a company website. It doesn’t have to be complicated or flashy, but you need to update it on a regular basis. In order to be found by search engines, you’ll want to make sure that you have some key terms on your site. These terms may include your company’s name, the type of work you do, and your service area.
List your company with as many online directories as you can. These directories, like YP, Yellow Pages, and DEX, provide a space for you to list your company and purchase advertising if you’d like. Although phone books have mostly gone extinct, listing in these directories is still crucial as it boosts your online presence, which improves your chances of being found online.
Social media is a popular way for contractors to advertise their business. You don’t have to purchase advertising, but you should use the platforms to share news about your company and work. You don’t have to be on every platform. Facebook and LinkedIn are the best for businesses looking for potential customers.

Reverse trade shows

Reverse trade shows are events put on by large organizations looking for vendors to work with them. Sometimes these shows are geared just for construction opportunities. Often, they are hosted by schools, universities, and other large multi-site companies and institutions. These shows are a great way to meet potential new clients and get in front of the key personnel.

Vendor prequalification

Large organizations, primarily public entities like cities, schools, and universities, often have open prequalification periods for contractors who want to work with them. You’ll be asked to submit a packet of information about your company, including things like past project experience, references, bonding capacity, and team resumes. Once approved as a vendor for these organizations, you’ll be on the list to hear about new opportunities as they are released for bids.

Bid sites

Online bid sites, like PlanHub, are a great way to find subcontractor bidding opportunities. When you register for these sites, you enter your company information, as well as information on the geographic areas you serve, the scope of work you provide, and the size of projects you’re interested in. Once you’ve entered this information, you can wait to be contacted or search for open opportunities on the site.
Bid sites are an excellent idea for getting more opportunities because they provide another online presence for your company, which means you’ll show up higher in search results.
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