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Adas Renovations Group & PlanHub

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“We love PlanHub for all of the great opportunities it has for us.” Yari De Santos, Construction Office Manager, Adas Renovations Group LLC.



Adas Renovations Group LLC, located in Denver, Colorado, is a reputable company specializing in major renovations, both for residential and commercial projects, as well as tenant finish services. With a remarkable track record spanning 14 years, this company has established itself as a leader in the industry.

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Yari De Santos, the construction office manager at Adas Renovations Group LLC. Yari explained how their company is committed to offering various renovation services, covering everything from bathrooms and kitchens to various tiling projects. Although they excel in multiple trades, such as drywall, paint, and flooring, their team has mainly focused on honing their skills in drywall projects. Through their expertise and unwavering dedication to quality, Adas Renovations Group LLC has built a strong reputation in the industry.


  • Pursuing Larger Projects
  • Effectively Promoting Diverse Services
  • Identifying Relevant Keywords for Opportunities
  • Finding Adequate Materials and Workers
  • Transferring 14 Years of Expertise to a New Market


  • Exploring PlanHub
    • Learning how to define keywords 
    • Using different tools to expand visibility and get more bids 
    • Networking


  • Potential revenue growth of 30 to 50%
  • Expanding niche
  • Making long-lasting connections 



“We do major renovations. We work in residential, commercial, and multifamily spaces as well as offer tenant finish services,” said Yari.

Adas Renovations Group LLC understands the challenges of pursuing larger construction projects and effectively promoting their diverse range of services. They also recognize the importance of identifying relevant keywords to seize new opportunities in the market. Additionally, finding adequate materials and skilled workers is a common obstacle in the industry. To overcome some of these challenges, Adas Renovations Group LLC has indeed established strong partnerships with trusted suppliers like Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Sherwin Williams, ensuring the availability of high-quality materials. However, they still face several other challenges in their construction projects. These challenges highlight the importance of seeking additional solutions, such as leveraging the capabilities of the PlanHub platform, to enhance their operations further and address the remaining obstacles. By utilizing PlanHub, Adas Renovations Group LLC can benefit from its features and functionalities, helping them overcome their remaining challenges and achieve their business objectives more effectively.

The company also emphasizes nurturing subcontractor relationships, providing fair compensation, respect, and ongoing training opportunities. This commitment enables them to maintain a reliable network of suppliers and subcontractors, ensuring consistent delivery of top-notch construction services.


Adas Renovations Group LLC recently joined PlanHub and is in the early stages of exploring the platform. They recognize the immense potential it offers in connecting with contractors and discovering new projects. Although they are still familiarizing themselves with PlanHub, Yari expresses genuine excitement about the opportunities that lie ahead with this innovative platform.

“We look forward to projects with drywall, flooring, and remodeling opportunities,” said Yari.

By leveraging PlanHub’s capabilities, Adas Renovations Group LLC aims to overcome challenges, optimize their operations, and achieve their business goals in the construction industry. Their commitment to quality, reliable partnerships, and willingness to embrace new technology position them for success as they transfer their 14 years of expertise into new markets.

“We have the experience that they need. We also know that a project is to be done on time and budget,” said Yari.

This strategic approach enables them to increase their project opportunities, unlocking new avenues for growth in the construction industry. With a strong emphasis on leveraging PlanHub’s features, Adas Renovations Group LLC is well-positioned to enhance collaboration, maximize productivity, and ultimately achieve its business objectives.


“I love PlanHub for all of the great opportunities it has for us,” said Yari.

When discussing the expectations of collaborating with PlanHub, Yari expressed a keen interest in expanding their scope and undertaking larger projects. Adas Renovations Group LLC aims to augment its business by establishing connections with contractors who require their specialized expertise in areas such as drywall installation, paint application, and flooring. With a defined objective, the company strives to achieve substantial revenue growth of 30 to 50% by securing three projects through the PlanHub platform.

“If we were to win about three projects with PlanHub, that would mean 30 to 50% of gross revenue,” said the owner, Valente Trejo.

In conclusion, Adas Renovations Group LLC is excited about the possibilities that PlanHub brings to their business. They have joined the platform to explore new project opportunities and connect with contractors in the construction industry. With their extensive experience, commitment to quality, and the support of reliable partnerships, Adas Renovations Group LLC is well-prepared to overcome challenges and achieve their goals. They are eager to take on larger projects, expand their scope of services, and deliver exceptional results. Through their collaboration with PlanHub, they aim to grow their business, increase revenue, and build lasting relationships within the industry.

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