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Alliance Group Increases Revenue with PlanHub’s Keyword Search Tool


“If I didn’t have PlanHub I wouldn’t not only not know what others are doing, but I wouldn’t have the opportunity to reach out to them and actually get to know what they need and how I can serve them and their needs.” – Julian Wilson, Alliance Group, LLC.




  • Finding opportunities and understanding the market.
  • Communication


  • PlanHub’s Keyword Search Filter tool


  • Increased bidding strategy
  • Understanding the subcontractor experience
  • Making connections
  • Understanding the market


Alliance Group LLC has been a trusted provider of roofing services in Florida since 2007 to homeowners and businesses.

The company is located in Port St. Lucie, and it has about 20 employees in total. It offers services for concrete within a 50 to 100-mile radius and for metal all throughout florida.

A big challenge for subcontractors in the industries is that they often struggle to manage projects, access documents, view timelines, submit bids, and track progress. 

Julian Wilson who has been in the industry for 7 years and is a Commercial Residential Roofing, and Sheet Metal at the company points out that lack of knowledge of the market is one of the biggest opportunity killers. 

He also points out that the pandemic was a huge stop for the industry, another “shutdown will make it very difficult to get access to concrete” and therefore innovation needs to happen.


“I’m able to, even if I don’t necessarily get a job, I’m able to reach out to speak to a person, I can curtail more of or I can get an idea of what they do curtail. To create estimates based on what they like and  need. I get to know how they operate and I get to know them better,” said Julian.


PlanHub’s filter tool is a powerful yet intuitive tool that provides users with the ability to easily narrow down and refine search results. With its detailed filters, you can search by criteria such as project type, location, date range, and more. This allows subcontractors to quickly and accurately find the documents they need.

As Julian points out, the best solution is the Filter Tool.

“On PlanHub the filter sounds simple but the filter is very detailed. So if I’ve got something that I’m looking for, in particular, like I don’t want tile, I do want this or I don’t want that. I’m able to filter it out very, very, very specifically. And then typically the results I get back are exactly the range I was looking for.”

For Alliance, PlanHub’s tools are all about making connections and using them to put themselves out on the market and increasing revenue. As Julian stated,

“I would say for every 10 bids, I send out if I got three or two of every 10 bids I send out profit wise you know, that will push our margin probably up by 20%.”


PlanHub is committed to understanding the subcontractor experience and has dedicated resources to reach out to users to gain valuable insights into their needs and expectations as they use our platform. We are constantly striving to improve our platform with user feedback and recommendations. 

“Here at Alliance, being able to have PlanHub as a resource is really going to drive our sales up. You know, we’re anticipating anywhere from 10 to 20%, with the amount of bid work that we’re receiving and able to quote.

Julian is extremely happy with the tool,

“I was skeptical, like it seemed a little too convenient, too easy to deal with someone who would be willing to give you all the information you need. Everything that PlanHub provides, mostly having it all available, like I said, being able to filter through and having everything I need like right there, is a big deal that allows you to spit out a lot of bids. And you know, get to the people you need to get it to as opposed to calling in secretaries and trying to figure out all the paperwork and everything else. It’s a huge help.”

Learn more about  Alliance Group, LLC.

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