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Blue Level Service’s Success Story with PlanHub


“Takeoff has provided us with the ability within PlanHub to gain a bird’s eye view of the project, enabling us to make more informed decisions about whether to pursue bidding.Walt Harris, Blue Level Service LLC



Blue Level Service LLC, based in Clarksville, Georgia, has operated in the construction industry for four years. This subcontractor company specializes in erosion control services, including hydroseeding, mulching, grading, sediment traps, artificial turf, and light concrete work such as sidewalks and gutters. Blue Level Service serves commercial and residential clients within a 100-mile radius of Athens, Georgia, offering vital services to ensure compliance with construction site regulations.


  • Competitive Market
  • Project Selection and Bidding


  • PlanHub Networking
  • Takeoff Tool


  • Enhanced Visibility
  • Improved Project Selection



Walt Harris, an experienced pre-construction professional, recently joined the company as an estimator. While he brings years of expertise from a landscaping background, this is his first foray into the erosion control side of construction. Blue Level Service distinguishes itself as a small, hands-on company, with the owner actively involved in every project and a carefully selected team that shares its values. 

Like any other company, Blue Level faces some challenges in the industry, for which they are constantly working to become the best firm possible. 

We’re open to projects of all sizes within our specialty areas, including erosion control and site preparation services. No project is too big or too small; we evaluate each opportunity to provide our expertise and support,said Walt Harris.

Challenges in a competitive market: Blue Level Service faces the daunting challenge of operating within an industry characterized by cutthroat competition. Standing out among a sea of erosion control service providers in this fiercely competitive landscape is no small feat. This competition constantly requires Blue Level Service to find innovative ways to distinguish their offerings and win contracts amidst fierce rivalry.

Challenges in project selection and bidding: The competitive nature of their market leads to another significant challenge for Blue Level Service – the intricate process of project selection and bidding. With numerous erosion control service providers vying for the same projects, the ability to identify suitable opportunities and craft competitive bids becomes paramount. This challenge demands precision, as investing time and resources in the wrong projects could lead to setbacks in an already competitive environment. Hence, the company must navigate this landscape with a keen eye for project viability and a strategic approach to bidding.

In response to these challenges, Blue Level Service has adopted a strategic approach to overcome these obstacles and thrive in its highly competitive industry.


PlanHub Networking: To address the challenge of the highly competitive market, Blue Level Service turned to PlanHub’s networking features as a solution. This strategic move enables them to connect with potential clients, contractors, and general contractors. Through PlanHub, they effectively communicate their unique value proposition, showcasing their expertise and unwavering commitment to delivering quality services. By engaging with industry professionals, Blue Level Service carves out a distinct identity in the market. Their dedication to networking opens doors to potential collaborations and enhances their overall market visibility.

Takeoff has provided us with the ability within PlanHub to gain a bird’s eye view of the project, enabling us to make more informed decisions about whether to pursue bidding. Furthermore, once we’ve decided to bid on a project, it offers valuable data to enhance our pricing strategies,said Walt Harris.

Takeoff Tool: In response to the project selection and bidding challenge, Blue Level Service finds an ally in PlanHub’s Takeoff tool. This solution provides them with invaluable insights into the intricate details of potential projects. Armed with this data, they can make well-informed decisions about whether to pursue bidding on a particular project. The Takeoff tool streamlines the project selection process, allowing them to focus on opportunities with a higher potential for success. By utilizing this tool, Blue Level Service improves resource allocation, saving time and resources by avoiding non-viable projects.

These proactive solutions have translated into tangible outcomes, bolstering Blue Level Service’s standing and effectiveness within its demanding market.


Enhanced Visibility: Through its strategic networking efforts on PlanHub, Blue Level Service succeeds in positioning itself as a trusted and reliable subcontractor in the fiercely competitive market. This proactive approach significantly increases the number of project inquiries they receive and bolsters their overall presence within the industry. As a direct consequence of their enhanced visibility, Blue Level Service garners more attention and recognition from potential clients, contractors, and general contractors. This newfound prominence translates into a substantial increase in opportunities, amplifying their growth potential in the competitive market.

Improved Project Selection: Blue Level Service’s use of PlanHub’s Takeoff tool yields substantial benefits in improved project selection. This powerful tool equips them with comprehensive insights into project details, enabling a more precise assessment of project suitability. Armed with this information, the company makes more thoughtful decisions, saving both time and resources by avoiding projects that could be more conducive to success. The improved project selection process allows Blue Level Service to allocate its resources more efficiently and direct its efforts toward projects with higher probabilities of success. This optimization not only increases their chances of securing profitable contracts but also contributes to their overall competitiveness within the market.

All in all, Blue Level Service, operating in a highly competitive market, has effectively tackled industry challenges with the assistance of PlanHub. Through strategic networking and utilizing PlanHub’s takeoff tool, they have enhanced their visibility and streamlined their project selection process. These achievements have solidified their reputation as a reliable subcontractor, positioning them for increased opportunities. It’s worth noting that Walt Harris, an integral part of Blue Level Service, recommends PlanHub as an invaluable tool for networking and business growth within the construction industry. His endorsement highlights the platform’s practicality and impact.

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