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Dynamite Demolition LLC: Ambitious Growth Projections and Strategic Partnership with PlanHub

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“Work smarter, not harder. I’m looking to at least make a quarter to a half a million dollars within the year. That would mean a 40 or 30% growth projection with PlanHub.” Christine, Dynamite Demolition LLC




  • High labor costs
  • Difficulty of finding qualified talent
  • Future trends that may arise in the market for demolition


  • Discovered PlanHub
    • Sending bids 
  • Getting new connections
  • Expanding business


  • Closing new deals 
  • Increasing Revenue 
  • Partnerships



Dynamite Demolition is located in the Denver, Colorado, area, specifically Centennial Inglewood. The company has been in business since 2023, but the owners have over 25 years of experience in the industry. 

In this interview, we talked with the two people responsible for the company to understand their journey, their challenges, and how they are using PlanHub.

“Working in projects for national and global brands like Victoria’s Secret, Walmart, Macy’s, Walgreens, Starbucks, Xcel Energy, Kaiser Permanente, and US Bank has really given us the tools and opportunities to open our own business” said the representative.

They have experience in commercial and residential demolition and construction, handling tasks ranging from demolition to finishing touches such as electrical work, flooring, and tile installation. Additionally, they have previously owned a remodeling and restoration company and have experience running multi-unit apartment buildings and cleaning businesses.

However, like any other business in the construction industry, Dynamite Demolition LLC faces several challenges. One of the primary obstacles they encounter is the high cost of labor, which can significantly impact their project budgets and profitability. Additionally, finding qualified talent poses a difficulty in ensuring that the team can deliver top-notch services to their clients. Lastly, the representatives also expressed concerns about keeping up with future trends and changes that may arise in the market for demolition as the industry continues to evolve.


In light of these challenges, Dynamite Demolition has turned to PlanHub as a valuable resource to streamline its project management processes and overcome hurdles in the industry.

The representatives explained, “I discovered PlanHub while researching how to get jobs and projects, primarily through browsing online platforms like Dropbox around three to four years ago.”

Dynamite Demolition is primarily focused on providing demolition services, leveraging its expertise and experience in this field. However, they have strategic plans to expand their business operations and venture into the post-construction cleaning sector, explicitly targeting commercial properties. This additional service would complement their existing demolition offerings and provide a comprehensive solution for clients requiring demolition and post-construction cleaning.

“PlanHub has been helpful in saving time and money for bidding and submitting proposals,” they said.

Despite these challenges, Dynamite Demolition remains confident in its ability to offer competitive pricing to its clients. They continuously assess market trends, adjust their strategies, and optimize their processes to ensure their pricing remains competitive while maintaining a high standard of service quality. By leveraging their industry experience, network, and expertise, they aim to navigate these challenges effectively and provide cost-effective solutions to their clients.

Dynamite Demolition recognizes the importance of utilizing tools like PlanHub to overcome industry challenges, enhance efficiency, and ultimately achieve business goals. They appreciate the positive impact that PlanHub has had on their operations, saving them both time and money in the bidding and proposal submission process. As they continue to expand their services and adapt to evolving market conditions, their collaboration with PlanHub will undoubtedly remain a key component of their success.


The representative said, “We currently have one project won at the moment, with three promising projects we are looking to close.”

They usually send about 30 bids per month. Although they have won a small amount so far on PlanHub, they mentioned that they have connected with new general contractors outside of PlanHub, winning outside projects and indicating that the platform has helped expand their network and establish relationships.

They primarily involve tenant build-outs and improvements, focusing on demolition work. They came across PlanHub while searching for ways to get jobs and projects. Their company is mainly engaged in demolition, but they plan to expand into the cleaning business for both pre-and post-construction phases. They emphasize proper procedures, safety protocols, and efficiency to provide quality results without cutting corners. 

They also discussed their challenges in staying ahead with bids and gathering necessary information from architects and general contractors. The representatives expressed their interest in learning more about the PlanHub take-off software. Overall, they acknowledged the benefits of PlanHub and recommended it. They expect revenue growth of around 40% by using PlanHub, with a goal of earning a quarter to half a million dollars within the year.


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