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Four Tips for Increasing Your Specification Rate

Page Description: Learn how to increase your specification rate and earn more sales by discovering early-stage projects and networking with architects and key decision-makers.

Specification in construction is an all-important factor in the success of any building product manufacturer (BPM) or supplier.  Simply put, your specification rate can greatly affect your overall level of success…so what are the best ways to improve it?

What is a Specification in Construction?

Specifications in architecture, also known as specs, delineate the scope of a construction project, including client expectations and vital project details. These specifications, included in standard construction documents, encompass essential information such as required materials, project timelines, methodologies, and necessary requirements.

As a BPM, your goal should be for as many projects as possible to include your products in the specifications outlined for the job. By doing so, you are virtually guaranteeing that the project contractors will purchase your materials. This sounds like it’s easier said than done, but have no fear: we’ve identified five powerful strategies you can use to increase your specification rate.

Update & Optimize Your Website

When it comes to researching new products and building materials for a given project, architects are still primarily responsible.  Like most of us, they juggle many other tasks each day, so they are always looking to gather this information as efficiently as possible while still seeking the best product choices to attach to their project plans.

Your website will likely be the ultimate destination for decision-makers looking to learn about the materials you offer. Therefore, you want to ensure that the information you display is accurate, organized, and easy to find. 

A few tips:

  • All areas of your website should be optimized for searchability so you appear in the top spots on as many searches as possible. Higher rankings reflect positively on your company’s popularity and credibility.
  • Include contact information and/or an easy way to reach your company on every page. Make it easy to connect and do business with you.
  • Create an individual page for every product you offer, including downloadable specs, high-quality images or videos, product descriptions, and downloadable digital models.
  • To offer even more complete information, you can include warranty information, environmental ratings, availability, and lead time – for starters. If you can save an architect’s time by providing them with information they’d otherwise need to research, they might reward you with specification support for your current and future projects.

Promote Your Products on Social Media

Believe it or not, many industries (including construction) are still embracing social media for the first time. While it definitely isn’t a primary strategy for learning about materials and products, architects and other decision-makers are turning more to social platforms than ever before, and we expect that trend to continue to grow.

There’s no better way to raise the visibility of your products than to get people talking, and there’s nowhere that people like to talk more than social media.  Create accounts on platforms that align with your targeted customer base and use them as a showcase to anyone who might be interested. Post images and videos to show off your products and highlight jobs using your materials. Get creative, and don’t forget to add links that lead architects back to your website!

Showcase Your Products

Like many medical professionals, architects are required to pursue continual education opportunities to maintain their licenses. As such, they are often on the lookout for invitations to educational sessions related to their work.

To capitalize on this need, we suggest that you plan and promote webinars or in-person Lunch & Learn sessions to help you network and showcase your products to a receptive audience of potential specifiers. 

Since these offerings are desired for educational purposes, you don’t want to plan anything too sales-oriented. Instead, offer educational content to help your new contacts fulfill their requirements (Make sure your programs have been registered and approved by the American Institute of Architects through their Continuing Education System), learn valuable information, and get to know you as a credible thought leader.  Earning your stripes as a dependable source of information could go a long way in making you top-of-mind for an architect’s upcoming projects.

Take The Initiative with Lead Finder

PlanHub’s entire platform has been created to help construction professionals of all types, shapes and sizes succeed, and our commitment to BPM’s and suppliers is no different. In fact, it’s a huge reason why we developed one of our most popular tools: Lead Finder.

Showcasing more than 3,000 new design stage projects (90% of them being hard-to-find private jobs)  every month, Lead Finder helps you find new projects that need your products with easy-to-use filters, including project type, building use, ZIP code, distance, and more.

Reach out directly to architects, developers and owners that have projects in early planning and design phases — over 99% of our projects have detailed contact information. It’s the ultimate resource for getting in front of the people who have the power to make decisions.

The Bottom Line

Whether you are a building product manufacturer or materials supplier, getting your products specified is crucial to selling them to the contractors attached to upcoming projects. If you want to sell more of your products, PlanHub offers the tools you need to connect, communicate, and collaborate with the architects, general contractors, and other construction professionals you need to take your business to the next level. Visit and learn more about how our all-in-one preconstruction platform can help you thrive.

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