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Getting Connected: PlanHub Takes Networking to a New Level

How PlanHub Takes Networking to a New Level

Since day one, PlanHub has worked hard to develop ways to make it easy for our friends in the construction industry to discover each other and work together, and we’ve done it for a very specific reason. We understand that the latest tech tools are always a benefit, but the true secret sauce for success in our industry isn’t technology… it’s the connections it can lead to.

Connection is Key: 

In the construction industry, success doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Whether you are a general contractor, subcontractor or supplier, you need to cultivate relationships with potential peers and partners if you want to grow your business. To truly gain the momentum you need to succeed, you need to be that consistent first phone call, email or text to connections who know and trust your services. 

By networking and partnering with industry professionals that you can count on (and vice-versa), you can learn from each other, get things done more quickly, and – most importantly – help each other grow. An independent plumber may have trouble getting consistent work at first, but if he connects with a local general contractor, he could earn an opportunity to provide estimates on all of that GC’s upcoming projects in the area. Suddenly, business is booming and demand for that plumber’s services is skyrocketing. 

Not convinced that networking leads to more valuable working relationships? 

According to a recent survey conducted by PlanHub in 2023, a whopping 55% of subcontractors stated that they seldom bid on projects from general contractors with whom they have not previously collaborated. In construction, the most successful pro’s tend to go with who they know.

Here’s the good news: landing new opportunities via networking can be easy, especially when you use an efficient, time-tested tool like PlanHub. In fact, our 2023 survey revealed that an unbelievable 61% of all general contractors are happy to consider new subcontractors if they connect in a safe, trusted environment like PlanHub.  

Add in the fact that 38% of GC’s consistently use new subcontractors for at least half of their projects, and it becomes abundantly clear that connecting via PlanHub can lead to plenty of opportunities to work more, increase revenue and grow (and if you’d like to stay up-to-speed with more insights about PlanHub and the construction industry, sign up to receive our free newsletter today!)

Building Connections is What PlanHub Does Best

PlanHub is committed to helping you write your success stories with a variety of tools and services designed to simplify networking. How? Let us count the ways.

  • Subcontractor Directory – Whether looking for the perfect sub to help with a long-term project, jump in on short notice due to unexpected challenges, or simply network in anticipation of future jobs, General contractors can search through our deep directory spanning 150+ trades, filter their results based on location, PlanHub activity and other factors, and connect with the best of the best. 

*  Want more proof that actively networking with PlanHub is a huge benefit to subcontractors? According to a recent data team analysis, subcontractors who have 10 or more GC connections in PlanHub receive twice as many ITB’s as those who don’t. The lesson? Networking with PlanHub is a proven gateway to more opportunities to work and grow.

  • Auto-Connections – Planhub can not only connect GC’s with the perfect subs for the job at hand, but they can even send out ITB’s automatically! Smart settings guarantee that only subcontractors that meet the project’s specific needs are contacted, creating a quick and effortless way to generate a strong selection of motivated candidates. All of these industry-leading auto-features are optional,, so feel free to explore PlanHub’s simple-to-navigate manual features for more controlled searches.
  • Supplier Searchability – Having a full-searchable database of suppliers at your fingertips to connect with is a great way to consistently find the materials you need at the best pricing possible. From geographic preferences to hard-to-find products that most suppliers just can’t offer, this invaluable resource can elevate a project from “solid” to “perfection”, which only helps the reputation of everyone involved.  

*  In our 2023 survey, suppliers stated that  building relationships and enhancing their reputation was 35% more important to their success than it was just one year prior. 

  • Streamlined Communication – PlanHub wasn’t created just to help you make connections. Instead, we have developed plenty of tools to help strengthen the partnerships you create by streamlining the preconstruction workflow via quick and easy communication. Once your team takes shape for a given project, PlanHub makes it simple for everyone involved to touch base, exchange information and keep all parties updated on a job about to be well done.
  • LeadfinderEvery month, thousands of hard-to-find design stage projects are posted every month. Leadfinder helps you strike while the iron is hot by providing a plethora of intel about these valuable projects, plus contact information and streamlined searchability with easy-to-use filters.

These are just a few of the ways that PlanHub’s ever-growing suite of tools helps hard-working construction professionals network, collaborate and thrive. To learn more about the capabilities that PlanHub offers, please visit our FAQ page.

The Bottom Line:  

We’ve all heard the worn-yet-partially true saying: it isn’t what you know, it’s who you know. In an industry where general contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers depend so heavily on each other’s skills, work ethic and commitment to quality, it makes perfect sense that most successful construction professionals prefer to do business with peers they know and trust.

It is often said that there is a thin line in any business between surviving and thriving. If you truly want to grow your business in today’s landscape, finding your perfect network of trustworthy contacts is your most important task. Why? Because it yields the greatest rewards.

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