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Introducing PlanHub’s Bid Navigator – A Powerful Suite of New Construction Bidding Features for Subcontractors

Bid Navigator

PlanHub has rolled out a new suite of powerful features which make searching, bidding, and winning construction projects easier than ever for subcontractors across the nation.  The new tools, also known as the Bid Navigator, are direct additions to PlanHub’s bidding software and early access will be available to PlanHub Premier users.

Core Features of the Bid Navigator

The Bid Navigator contains four new tools to make your life as a subcontractor easier by saving you time and increasing the effectiveness of your bidding activity. Check out each new feature below in more detail, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions on how to use each feature.

PDF Blueprint Scanning

We know that blueprint files can be overwhelming and excessively lengthy.  Let PlanHub do the hard work for you!  Using PlanHub’s PDF Blueprint Scanning, you can quickly navigate through all blueprint files for any specialized keywords. You may also save these special keywords to your notifications, so you can be notified by email of any upcoming projects that have that keyword in them.
The OCR Reader technology, which powers blueprint scanning, is a cleverly crafted solution designed to save construction subcontractors hours of time digging through thousands of bid documents. Use this tool to discover if your scope of work is included in the blueprint, or simply view where your specific job details are incorporated into the documents.

planhub bid navigator scanning pdfs

Start saving time today with PlanHub’s PDF Blueprint Scanning tool!

Personalized Project Notifications

Additionally, you can setup saved keyword notifications to alert you when new documents are added that contain your trade-related keywords. After searching your keyword, simply check the box underneath to save it to your settings notifications. Every time a project becomes available in your area and trade containing your favorite keyword, you will be notified by email of the project name, what page that word is located on, and the bid due date. This proves to be yet another time savor for our subcontractors.

planhub bid navigator keyword notifications

This feature will allow you to filter the most relevant projects according to your trade and be alerted when they become available!

Competitive Advantage Analytics

When you bid on a project, it’s hard to know what the competition looks like and where you should prioritize your bidding efforts.  The new Competitive Advantage Analytics feature allows subcontractors to measure how aggressive you should be when bidding each project. This tool shows you how many competing businesses have expressed interest or taken action on the construction project opportunity.
Use the Competitive Advantage Analytics feature to see how many companies have received the invitation to bid (ITB), viewed the project, downloaded files, and completed bids.

competitive advantage analytics feature

This tool allows you to gauge how competitive your proposal should be and where you should invest your bidding efforts.

Bid Calendar

When a subcontractor has numerous bid deadlines to keep track of, organizing them can become a bit hectic!  Our new Bid Calendar provides a single, centralized calendar view for all your upcoming project bidding deadlines.
Even better, you can sync due dates with your preferred calendar of choice and be notified automatically if bid deadlines are updated.

bid calendar feature

Start managing and tracking your bid invites more effectively with our new Bid Calendar!

How To Activate These New Subcontractor Tools in Your PlanHub Account

Already a PlanHub Premier Customer?

The Bid Navigator tools are included in the Subcontractor PlanHub Premier Mileage packages by default. You can utilize these tools from the “Projects” tab in your subcontractor user account.

Test Drive PlanHub and the Bid Navigator

If you’re brand new to PlanHub, you will soon be able to sign up for a 7-day free trial of the new Bid Navigator features, while exploring all the other great aspects of your basic PlanHub subcontractor mileage plan.

Our Dedication to Improvement

Founded and led by a construction contractor, PlanHub is dedicated to continually improving the lives of general contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers alike by making bid management and plan room organization as streamlined as possible.  Our latest roll out of our new Bid Navigator toolset is the next step in our ongoing improvements to our robust bidding and online plan room software.
As you start using the new features, we’d love to hear from you!  Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have feedback on the new features or ideas for future improvements.
We hope you love the new features as much as we do!

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