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Navigating Growth: Budova Group’s Path with PlanHub

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“As the President of Budova Group; we have signed up on PlanHub to grow our connections in the industry as a subcontractor. We see huge potential for growth this year and view PlanHub as a beneficial tool to connect with General Contractors that we would not normally have access to.”Grant, President & Founder, Budova Group.



Budova Group, a trusted subcontractor company based in Texas, specializes in providing concrete and other smaller trades. The company has been around for over a year and a half and also counts with previous 10 years of experience from their Founder and President. Their services range from self-performing concrete to tenant finish shells, commercial remodels, and industrial services and maintenance. The company aspires to become a reputable general contractor in the concrete division. With a dedicated team comprising three office staff and approximately 50 skilled field workers, they ensure every project is executed with precision and expertise.

Built on trust, integrity, and personalized service, Budova Group prides itself on being a family-owned business. They prioritize open communication and transparent relationships with their clients, ensuring they are always informed and involved throughout the project.


  • Skilled worker shortage for projects.
  • Economic uncertainties affecting small projects.
  • Exploring public works, leveraging contacts.


  • Network leveraged for skilled workers.
  • Proactive in public works opportunities.
  • Being adaptable, resourceful, and connected.


  • Ambitious growth in the construction industry.
  • Agile remote operations, future expansion.
  • PlanHub success: forged connections, growth.



As a versatile company, Budova Group offers a range of construction-related services, including general contracting and construction management. Their client-centered approach means that every project is tailored to meet the unique vision and goals of the client. Whether it’s site preparation, final inspections, or the execution of concrete solutions, they strive to ensure that each project runs smoothly, efficiently, and within budget.

Regarding concrete services, Budova Group delivers durable and efficient solutions that adhere to the specific requirements of each project. Strong foundations are the hallmark of their work, guaranteeing exceptional results that stand the test of time.

What sets Budova Group apart is its genuine care and dedication to its clients’ visions. They go above and beyond to bring those visions to life, believing success comes from open communication and mutual respect. With Budova Group as a partner, clients can trust that their projects will be in capable hands and that their ideas will be transformed into reality with exceptional craftsmanship and professionalism.

Moreover, like any other company, Budova also faces some challenges in today’s industry. 

Finding qualified, skilled workers is a significant challenge the construction industry faces in their line of work. As a subcontractor specializing in concrete and smaller trades, having a skilled workforce is crucial to delivering high-quality projects. However, attracting and retaining skilled workers with the necessary expertise in a competitive labor market can be difficult. Despite this challenge, Budova Group remains determined to find and retain talented individuals who can contribute to the success of their projects.

“In the near future, this year, with the recent turmoil in the economy, there will be some challenges. Many of these challenges arise from smaller financed projects that have been pushed back, postponed, or canceled,” said Grant.

The company is also mindful of potential economic challenges that may arise shortly. 

Economic uncertainties can lead to delays or cancellations of smaller financed projects, affecting the company’s workflow and revenue stream. As a young business, adapting to such fluctuations in the market can be daunting. Nevertheless, Budova Group is proactive in planning for these contingencies, exploring opportunities to diversify its portfolio and minimize the impact of economic fluctuations.

Budova Group is looking to venture into the public works sector to mitigate the impact of economic challenges and foster growth. However, this can be particularly challenging for a smaller company. Public works projects often involve complex bidding processes and stringent qualifications. Despite these challenges, the company is leveraging its existing contacts and relationships within the industry to gain a foothold in the public works arena. By tapping into their network and relying on the expertise of their team, Budova Group aims to overcome the hurdles and expand their opportunities in this sector.

In the face of these obstacles, Budova Group remains resilient and focused on its goal of growth and success. By seeking qualified, skilled workers, preparing for potential economic uncertainties, and pursuing opportunities in public works, they demonstrate their commitment to overcoming challenges and carving a path to success in the construction industry. With a determined approach and strategic planning, Budova Group aims to continue its trajectory and establish itself as a formidable player in their field.


“Make sure you write down everybody’s name and have the connections. Make every connection you can, as you never know when or who you’ll need in the future,” said Grant.

To tackle the challenge of finding qualified, skilled workers for their projects, Budova Group team relies on Grant’s extensive network of industry contacts, which he has built throughout his decade-long experience. These well-established relationships have proven invaluable in identifying potential candidates with the specific skills and expertise required for their projects. However, Grant and the team know it’s time to find more resources, such as PlanHub, to move away from only word-of-mouth connections. 

In the face of economic uncertainties that may affect smaller financed projects, Budova Group is adopting a proactive approach by seeking opportunities in the public works sector. Engaging in public works projects provides stability and consistency as these endeavors often receive funding from government entities or public agencies. Despite the challenges of venturing into the public works sector as a smaller company, Budova Group’s strategic advantage lies in its extensive network of contacts for them to enter the industry potentially. 

Remaining optimistic and persistent, Budova Group is determined to overcome obstacles along its path to success. They demonstrate a remarkable willingness to adapt to evolving market conditions, take calculated risks, and capitalize on their network of connections to navigate economic uncertainties effectively. This adaptability and resourcefulness form the foundation of their strategy, empowering them to explore new opportunities and foster valuable partnerships. 

Budova Group recently became a member of PlanHub, an online platform for construction professionals, after receiving a recommendation from a contractor friend who had experienced success using the platform. Since joining, the company has found PlanHub invaluable in expanding its network and forging connections with General Contractors they might not have had access to otherwise. This newfound access to a broader pool of potential clients has opened up exciting opportunities for the company’s growth and expansion.

Regarding finding relevant projects, Budova Group relies on PlanHub’s efficient search features to filter and discover options related to concrete work. The platform’s user-friendly interface allows them to easily navigate various projects, ensuring they can focus on bids that align with their expertise and goals. The company uses PlanHub’s ITB (Invitation to Bid) email feature to streamline its bid submission process. This feature enables them to respond promptly to bid invitations, enhancing their chances of securing lucrative projects and contracts.

While they have yet to explore the takeoff tool offered by PlanHub, Budova Group has already taken the initiative to provide essential pre-qualification information. By doing so, they are positioning themselves as credible and capable contractors, instilling confidence in potential clients and increasing their chances of being shortlisted for exciting ventures.

Recognizing the potential of PlanHub to contribute significantly to their business growth, Budova Group views the platform as a valuable tool that will aid them in reaching new heights within the construction industry. As a young company, building meaningful connections with other industry players is crucial, and PlanHub’s networking capabilities offer a promising path to expand its reach and attract more projects. With PlanHub’s opportunities, Budova Group remains optimistic about its future growth and its positive impact on its business.


“It’s easier to go back and make money later than to try to position your name. Your name is the most important thing,” said Grant.

Budova Group has a clear and ambitious vision for the future. Their ultimate goal is to elevate their status in the construction industry by becoming a reputable General Contractor in the competitive concrete division. They proactively explore and pursue opportunities in their industry. They are also trying to join the public work sector to achieve this. By expanding into public works projects, they aim to diversify their portfolio and increase their presence in the market, solidifying their position as a key player in the construction arena.

Budova Group embraces a remote operating model, allowing them to manage their operations and resources efficiently. This adaptive approach enables them to stay agile in response to market dynamics and client demands. However, they understand they must accommodate more significant growth as their business flourishes. As a result, they have strategic plans to establish a physical office in the future. This decision reflects their commitment to long-term stability and dedication to providing enhanced accessibility and support to their clients.

Throughout their journey, Budova Group has found a valuable ally in PlanHub. The company’s decision to join the platform has already proven fruitful, as they have forged meaningful connections with various General Contractors. These newfound connections have opened doors to exciting project opportunities and potential collaborations that may have otherwise been inaccessible. Budova Group is optimistic about the potential for significant growth in the upcoming year. They see this digital platform as an invaluable tool to propel their business forward, foster partnerships, and achieve their long-term goals.

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    Expand your network and connect with general contractors, subcontractors, owners, architects, and suppliers – not to mention thousands of relevant projects at your fingertips.

    Generate relevant leads, faster and with precision. With access to private, hard-to-find projects, you can connect with architects and owners on projects still in the pre-design and design stages.

    PlanHub’s advanced suite of bid management tools allows you to increase productivity, identify relevant projects using data, build bids with Takeoff, and manage bids through the entire process.