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Seylone Expects 20% Revenue Growth with PlanHub

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I believe Lead Finder is a highly centralized platform that assists GCs in finding projects based on various criteria, such as the type (industrial, healthcare, residential). It provides excellent filters and stands out for its ability to export project leads, allowing for further consolidation. Adam M. Vice President, Seylone



Based in New York, Seylone is a construction management company specializing in preconstruction services, construction management, and owner services. With two years in the industry, their team of 5-10 professionals, including contractors, architects, and engineers, caters to commercial and residential projects.

Seylone promotes diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunities for all businesses. They excel in sustainable design, infrastructure development, engineering, and concrete construction. With a commitment to excellence, sustainability, and expertise, Seylone ensures projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards. 


  • Word-of-Mouth Reliance
  • Economy & Potential Slowdown: Lender Caution
  • Seasonal Impact: Winter Challenges


  • PlanHub 
    • Subdirectory
    • Lead Finder 
  • Efficient Project Management 
  • New Leads


  • Enhanced Lead Generation
  • Streamlined Project Execution
  • Future Revenue Growth



“Our team comprises experienced contractors, architects, and engineers who collaborate closely with all parties. Leveraging our diverse background, we strive to deliver efficient, high-quality construction projects,” said Adam M.

Seylone, a firm that offers comprehensive construction and construction consulting services, has a team of experienced professionals, including LEED APs, ENV SPs, licensed Professional Engineers, PMPs, CCMs, and ACI-certified professionals. These experts bring their knowledge and expertise to ensure high-quality and sustainable projects.

During our interview, we spoke with Adam M, Who has a civil engineering background and experience as a geotechnical engineer and project manager. He brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project.

Relying solely on word-of-mouth referrals can limit Seylone’s ability to expand its client base and access new opportunities. While word-of-mouth referrals can be valuable, they may not provide a consistent and steady stream of leads for sustained business growth. Seylone must explore additional avenues for lead generation and establish a broader network of contacts.

The fluctuating economy poses another challenge for Seylone. During periods of economic uncertainty, lenders may exercise caution and become more risk-averse when providing loans for construction projects. This increased caution can lead to more stringent lending requirements and potentially limit the availability of financing for developers. A slowdown in lending activities can impact the pace of construction projects and industry growth.

“It ultimately boils down to the economy. New York has a robust construction foundation with ongoing building projects. However, lenders have become more cautious due to perceived risks, making the loan process challenging for developers. This cautiousness may potentially slow down construction in the New York area. The decision to develop or hold onto lots depends on the comfort level of lenders in providing loans and the sentiments of individuals involved in the development process,”said Adam M.

Seylone also faces unique challenges associated with seasonal changes in a region with harsh winters. Cold weather and adverse winter conditions can impede construction progress, particularly regarding site preparation and concrete work. Completing the superstructure before winter and managing the complexities of working in inclement weather require careful planning and resource management. Seylone must consider these challenges and implement strategies to mitigate their impact on project timelines and productivity.

To overcome these challenges, Seylone is actively pursuing solutions and adopting strategies to navigate the dynamic construction landscape.


“We were actively searching for a platform to assist us, as it can be challenging for a construction manager or general contractor to discover leads. This industry heavily relies on word-of-mouth referrals, and while having a network is beneficial, it ultimately depends on whether they have ongoing projects. Sometimes, you need more than that. Having a directory with a consistent stream of contacts and projects proves invaluable for finding leads. After evaluating multiple platforms, we found that this one was a perfect fit,”said Adam M.

Seylone discovered the power of PlanHub, a platform that goes beyond traditional word-of-mouth methods and provides a constant directory of contacts and project leads for general contractors (GCs) and construction management (CM) companies. With features like the subdirectory and lead finder, PlanHub has become an invaluable tool for Seylone. It allows them to efficiently identify and connect with relevant construction projects in various sectors. The platform’s comprehensive directory and contact information enable Seylone to reach out to potential new clients and subcontractors, expanding their network and generating new leads.

Seylone’s diverse team of professionals brings expertise to ensure efficient and high-quality construction projects. 

At Seylone, efficient project management is at the core of their operations. Their team, consisting of experienced contractors, architects, and engineers, collaborates closely with all stakeholders to deliver high-quality construction projects. Leveraging their diverse background and expertise, Seylone ensures clients make well-informed decisions, optimize designs, and develop detailed project plans and timelines. They provide comprehensive support and oversight throughout construction, ensuring projects are completed within budget and schedule. Seylone’s commitment to effective communication, risk management, and stakeholder engagement sets them apart in the industry.

“We offer various services, including site selection, feasibility studies, cost estimating, and project planning. Our goal is to assist our clients in making well-informed decisions, optimizing their designs, and developing detailed project plans and timelines,”said Adam M.

By utilizing PlanHub and its powerful features, Seylone has transformed its approach to lead generation and project management. They regularly log into PlanHub to explore project leads, communicate with subcontractors, and stay updated on new opportunities. Additionally, Seylone intends to upload its projects onto PlanHub, attracting potential subcontractors and expanding its reach in the construction community. With PlanHub’s centralized platform and Seylone’s dedication to excellence, they are well-equipped to overcome challenges, navigate the dynamic construction landscape, and achieve continued success in the industry.

With their commitment to excellence and dedication to client satisfaction, Seylone is well-positioned to overcome challenges and achieve continued success in the construction industry.


“Two standout PlanHub features that are crucial for our needs are the Subdirectory and Lead Finder,”said Adam M.

Seylone’s partnership with PlanHub has yielded remarkable results in the areas of lead generation, project execution, and anticipated revenue growth. By leveraging PlanHub’s substantial directory and project leads, Seylone has gained access to a wide range of construction projects across various sectors, expanding their business opportunities and enabling them to connect with potential new clients actively. 

“I believe Lead Finder is a highly centralized platform that assists GCs in finding projects based on various criteria, such as the type (industrial, healthcare, residential). It provides excellent filters and stands out for its ability to export project leads, allowing for further consolidation,”said Adam M.

The subdirectory and lead finder features of PlanHub have proven invaluable to Seylone, empowering them to find suitable projects, consolidate leads, and streamline project management through the platform’s effective filters and export functionality.

“Our estimated revenue growth expectation with PlanHub is a 20% increase,”said Adam M.

Looking ahead, Seylone plans to continue using PlanHub and aims to maximize its growth potential further. They intend to upload their projects onto the platform, leveraging PlanHub’s features to drive a projected 20% revenue growth. Seylone highly recommends PlanHub, recognizing its ability to enhance communication and project coordination within the construction industry. They have also implemented an internal prequalification system for subcontractors, ensuring adherence to specific criteria such as insurance, OSHA documentation, and financials. Considering the benefits of being part of the PlanHub network, Seylone emphasizes the importance of subcontractors joining the platform to foster improved communication.

In conclusion, Seylone’s partnership with PlanHub has proven to be a game-changer, delivering enhanced lead generation, streamlined project execution, and a promising path toward future revenue growth. The combination of PlanHub’s features and Seylone’s expertise in the construction industry has paved the way for increased efficiency, improved communication, and expanded business opportunities. By embracing the transformative potential of PlanHub, Seylone is poised to achieve continued used success in the competitive construction landscape.

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    Data and Deep Insights

    We make construction smarter by connecting with the right people, at the right time, for the right project.

    With our technology and data intelligence, we empower construction professionals to easily build the right business relationships, streamline pre construction processes, and make efficient decisions.

    From competitive intelligence in each project allowing you to know how many other contractors are downloading or bidding to insights as to contractors’ performance, we provide the data you need to lead your business to success.

    By providing faster, simpler, and unmatched data insights in each step of the pre construction process, PlanHub helps your business lay a strong foundation for the success of the rest of the construction process.

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    Bid Leveler & Proposal builder

    Comparing bids to one another has never been easier. Users can now see bids side by side, compare bid amounts, and review subcontractors’ certifications and qualifications all in one place.

    Bid Leveler’s apples-to-apples approach allows you to easily drill down and see detailed, easy-to-scan cost breakdowns. Indicate bid preference, hide bids that don’t meet your needs, and request needed information from subs.

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    Full Bid Management

    From the initial decision to pursue a project to the final bid submission and follow up, bid management plays a central role in pre construction.

    Effectively managed bids during the preconstruction phase set the stage for a successful project execution and satisfied clients.

    Streamline bid management from project posting to estimating, bidding, and awarding in one place with easy project posting, project-contractor automatic matching based on trades, location, and qualification with PlanHub.

    Use bid planner, bid builder, bid leveler, and award tools to always know what’s going on with each project and bid.

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    Estimation and TakeOff

    Let’s face it—time is money. And the more time it takes to perform takeoffs and submit bids, the more you risk losing out on valuable revenue opportunities. Manual methods and locally installed desktop software slow your takeoff process, and many digital solutions currently on the market can be overly complex and not user-friendly. 

    Build faster takeoffs, get more bids out the door, and win more projects. Forget pen and paper, outdated desktop software, and overly complicated digital takeoff solutions. PlanHub’s easy-to-use Takeoff tool helps you and your team build accurate takeoffs faster, minimize errors and material waste, and win more projects that boost your business growth. Performing your takeoffs with PlanHub allows you to:

    • Streamline and integrate your process: Perform your takeoffs in the same platform you use to manage your network and bids.
    • Avoid costly estimating errors: Get better accuracy with digital tools instead of traditional, mistake-prone pen and paper.
    • Collaborate easily: Share and work with your team, no matter where you—or they—are located.
    • Submit more bids and win more projects: Get quality bids in front of general contractors faster and get ahead of your competition.
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    Document Management

    Organize, store, and manage various documents, blueprints, drawings and other information related to projects before the actual construction phase begins.

    This phase is crucial for setting the foundation of a successful construction project, and effective document management plays a significant role in ensuring that all necessary information is accessible, accurate, and up-to-date to all interested parties.

    Access, review, work on, and share large complex documents in one platform with amazing speed. From project definition, drawing management, takeoff, estimation, bid management, and contracts, everything happens in PlanHub.

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    Be part of a construction professionals’ ecosystem that enhances collaboration, streamlines project management, and fosters smart relationships between companies, construction professionals, and projects.

    Enjoy seamless communication, build strong relationships, and streamlines project management. By leveraging the power of connections and collaboration, we enhance efficiency, save time and resources, and drive collective growth in the industry.

    planhub network
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    1M+ pre-qualified network

    PlanHub is the leading platform that connects companies, construction professionals, and projects in the pre-construction industry, focusing on building and developing meaningful relationships to enhance efficiency and productivity.

    We have integrated general contractors, subcontractors, and material suppliers’ workflows in one platform to simplify the complex back and forth usually present in preconstruction. By allowing all interactions to be done through PlanHub, tracking projects and relationships is much easier, saving contractors and material suppliers time and money. Interactions in the platform are tagged and measured to provide insights to users.

    General contractors create bid packages that are shared in PlanHub as projects. They can include templatized lists of all CSI cost items as part of the new Baseline feature. Baseline allows for faster and more accurate bid requests, facilitates homogenization of subcontractors’ bids, and simplifies the comparison of incoming bids.

    Subcontractors are automatically matched with relevant projects based on their profile, preferences, and pre-qualification information saving hours of research to both sides. They can review project details, documentation, and blueprints.

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    High-quality projects

    Your one-stop job for qualified hard-to-find private project leads in varying stages like pre-planning, bidding, etc., and across different geographies, zip codes, or distance to your office.

    Projects include plans, specifications, bid dates, and other relevant project information.

    You can segment project leads by type of project, status, project building use, trades and sub trades, or create your own list of keywords — and be notified when one of them is found in a posted project’s documentation or plans.

    We make it simple to find projects that match your business — and make sure you are notified right away.

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    Expand your network and connect with general contractors, subcontractors, owners, architects, and suppliers – not to mention thousands of relevant projects at your fingertips.

    Generate relevant leads, faster and with precision. With access to private, hard-to-find projects, you can connect with architects and owners on projects still in the pre-design and design stages.

    PlanHub’s advanced suite of bid management tools allows you to increase productivity, identify relevant projects using data, build bids with Takeoff, and manage bids through the entire process.

    Create quicker, improved takeoffs effortlessly. PlanHub’s Takeoff Core aids your team in accurate, faster estimates, minimizing errors, and driving business growth.

    Expand your network and connect with general contractors, subcontractors, owners, architects, and suppliers – not to mention thousands of relevant projects at your fingertips.

    Generate relevant leads, faster and with precision. With access to private, hard-to-find projects, you can connect with architects and owners on projects still in the pre-design and design stages.

    PlanHub’s advanced suite of bid management tools allows you to increase productivity, identify relevant projects using data, build bids with Takeoff, and manage bids through the entire process.