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NOVA Boosts Revenue by 20% & Connects With new Customers

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“The first year I sent about 120 proposals. This year, I expect to send more than 300. It’s helping us find new business.”Sandro Maldonado, Project Engineer at NOVA Engineering


As a private provider of inspections and plan reviews, NOVA needed a way to find projects at the right stage to connect with decision-makers.
  • Expanding relationships with general contractors
  • Finding the right projects

  • Flexible search to find projects
  • Ability to narrow search by their range of operations
  • Direct contact with general contractors and owners

  • 20% revenue growth
  • An estimated 300 proposals submitted annually
  • Building relationships with new general contractors


NOVA Engineering provides a broad range of environmental consulting, geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing and inspections, plan review and code compliance, municipal/government outsourcing, and roofing/building envelope consulting services to clients in 18 offices throughout Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina. Project Engineer, Sandro Maldonado tells us that the company’s slogan.
“Professional, Practical, Proven,” encapsulates their approach. 
While all of the company’s offices use PlanHub, Maldonado works out of the Miami office, which covers Miami-Dade, Broward, and West Palm Beach. He explains that one of the major ways they operate is as a private provider of plan reviews and inspections,
“Since local building departments are inundated and often unable to review plans or provide inspections in a timely fashion, we provide an alternative.” 
You see, Florida Statutes allow the owner or contractor of a project to use a private provider to provide the mandatory building code compliance plans review and inspections for the structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing components of a building. By using a private provider, building projects can get the plan reviews and inspections they need quickly and keep their projects moving. This is a major area of business for NOVA. But how to get the word out to generate new business? Maldonado says that’s where PlanHub has been invaluable.


Maldonado explains that he logs into PlanHub every day to search for projects in his area.
“The first year I sent about 120 proposals, the second year it was about 200. This year, I expect to send more than 300. It’s really helping us find new business.”
By being able to search for funded projects in his geographic range, Maldonado gets the opportunity to connect with more owners and general contractors. 
“I give PlanHub credit for helping us expand our market. I am getting to know new companies every day. Before, I had to find those myself, more manually. It wasn’t easy and it took time. Now I have a way to find and connect with new opportunities,” he says..
PlanHub has been so instrumental in helping the company grow its business that all of the 18 offices use PlanHub to generate leads and submit proposals.


With so much success, Maldonado is a big fan of PlanHub.
“We’ve been able to increase revenue by at least 20%, it’s phenomenal. And I don’t see that growth slowing down anytime soon.” “All of our offices have had success using PlanHub. We’re able to connect with so many more owners and contractors that have projects. We do quality work and ensure that they get the inspections that are required. That keeps projects moving ahead. I know that once we work with a company and they see what we can do, that’s a relationship that we have for the long term.”

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