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Unlocking New Opportunities with PlanHub: Tri State Awnings’ Success Story

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“I actually really loved PlanHub compared to the other portals that were also sign-up with because it’s user-friendly. It gives you a lot of information, and it’s the one that has more accuracy when it comes to the keywords that we’re looking for.” Raul Martinez, Tristate Awnings



Tri State Awnings, a family-owned enterprise established by Martin Lichtman in 1999, specializes in crafting customized, premium-quality awnings for both residential and commercial purposes. With over 20 years of industry experience, Lichtman’s background in mechanical design, automation, and production management has contributed to the company’s growth and ability to deliver outstanding results tailored to client needs.

Tri State Awnings is headquartered in a modern facility in New York City. Over time, the company has built strong relationships with renowned European suppliers, which allows them to source top-quality fabric materials for crafting exceptional awning pro of PVC with the sophisticated appearance and tactile fabric offeringducts. It provides services in places such as New York, Florida, Chicago, and Indiana, amongst others.


  • Finding suitable projects for the product they offer
  • Using the right keywords


  • Using PlanHub for Subcontractors 
  • Learning to use PlanHub’s Takeoff tool


  • 25+ Bids sent a month
  • Building relationships with new potential clients.
  • Over 1 year and a half with PlanHub



Tri State Awnings has consistently proven its prowess in fabricating and installing top-quality sunshades, metal awnings, and canopies. However, finding the right-fit projects amidst the sea of available options can be challenging at times.

Martinez stated, “What we look for is that it has many awnings, obviously, or architectural canopies that are in the project, and also that it has the product that we’re looking for because sometimes some of the keywords will indicate that it has canopies, and then when we look through the plans is not the type of product that we manufacture.”

Not all projects tagged with “awnings” or “architectural canopies” may align with their manufacturing capabilities, thus mandating a meticulous review process of prospective projects to ensure a good match. 

In such cases, they carefully examine the project’s blueprints or architectural plans by hand to identify whether the required products fall within their area of expertise, ensuring that their bids are targeted toward suitable projects that leverage their specific skills.

“We are currently doing it all as we have not explored the Takeoff Tool,” said Martinez.

PlanHub’s take-off tool actually allows you to see the blueprint of the project, save time and increase efficiency. Martinez says he will be joining the Takeoff Tool team and exploring how to benefit from it.


With an increasing number of competitors vying for the same projects, the bidding process can be fiercely competitive. To maintain an edge and acquire lucrative contracts, Tri State Awning must set itself apart from the competition by applying their comprehensive industry knowledge, innovative design solutions, and superior materials.

A huge advantage that this company has is as Martinez mentioned, “We actually manufacture and install.” Being able to manufacturer the product, install it, and provide the overall service is something that truly sets them apart when offering their services. In order to take advantage of this, Tri State Awnings must put themselves out in the correct market. 

This is where PlanHub comes in. It’s serving them as a unified source of various project opportunities. It supports Tri State Awnings in zeroing in on ideal prospects while saving valuable time and resources. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive project listings, the platform streamlines the search process and ensures that Tri State Awnings bids only on projects that align perfectly with its core competencies.

Moreover, through PlanHub’s advanced sorting and filtering features, Tri State Awnings can swiftly narrow down opportunities based on size, location, budget, scope, and timeline, allowing the team to promptly identify and align themselves with projects that warrant their singular skills and offerings.

PlanHub also allows them to identify the most relevant keywords

“we usually look for metal awnings, metal canopies, sun shades, and architectural canopies; that pretty much summarize what we look for,” said Martinez.

This is a crucial aspect of the search, as using inappropriate or generic terms may lead to missed opportunities and wasted marketing efforts.

PlanHub Takeoff Tool will be their newest addition as they now are aware of what they are missing out on in terms of reading blueprints. This tool will allow them to continue to grow on their project searches, sending more bids monthly and creating new connections with potential new clients.


All in all, Martinez says it best, “I actually really love PlanHub compared to the other portals that were also sign-up with, because it’s user-friendly. It gives you a lot of information, and it’s the one that has more accuracy when it comes to the keywords that we’re looking for.”

Through the strategic collaboration with PlanHub, Tri State Awnings has found a powerful ally in addressing the challenges of finding suitable projects and optimizing their keyword utilization. The platform’s robust features and abundant database of opportunities allow Tri State Awnings to not only streamline their search process but also augment their market reach, giving them an enviable edge in the fiercely competitive awning and canopy industry. The combined forces of Tri State Awnings’ expertise and PlanHub’s innovative solutions are primed to drive long-lasting growth, enduring client relationships, and an ever-expanding presence in the world of premium sunshades, metal awnings, and canopies. 

“We have been using PlanHub maybe a year and a half and I like the app and would recommend it,” said Martinez.

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