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EverLine’s Colorado Franchise Sends Bi-Weekly Bids with PlanHub’s Tools

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“So there are two aspects of it, one is safety, and then the other is customer experience. Because a parking lot is the first thing that you see as a customer of a business, if it looks good, then people are more likely to go to your business. So it’s also a good marketing tool that helps keep your business looking better. Meaning that it’s more likely for people to visit your company rather than your competitors.” Nick LaPointe, EverLine Coatings Of Denver



EverLine is a company & Franchise in Canada and USA. For this specific Case Study, we focused on Nick’s franchise located in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. The company as a whole has been around since 2012, but Nick’s Franchise has been around since 2022. They believe their continued growth is due to their ongoing commitment to delivering great products backed by first-class service.
Nick’s Franchise provides parking lot Asset Management Services, which include anything to do with repairing and maintaining asphalt surfaces as well as striping and power washing. Their team consists of four people, mainly focusing on commercial projects. They have been a PlanHub member since 2023.


  • Finding the right projects


  • PlanHub’s tools 
    • Keywords
    • Takeoff Tool


  • Sending bi-weekly bids
  • Finding new projects 
  • Making new connections



“The biggest challenges I have are really finding the projects that fit into my scope of work specifically in terms of size of the project,” said Nick.

One of the biggest challenges Nick and his franchise have is being able to find the correct scope of the project to send a bid on. Their time and resources are limited as their team is very small, and they can’t afford to put their effort into meaningless projects. This is why they leverage PlanHub’s advanced tools and resources to ensure maximum efficiency. With PlanHub, EverLine can accurately estimate projects, track payments, monitor progress, control costs, and send bids. 

To get what you want, you need to understand what you are looking for. This is very important; without the proper resources, one can search endlessly without results. Nick has understood that keyword searching is crucial to find his opportunities. 

Not only will the keywords help him find jobs in his niche, but they will also allow him to take advantage of another PlanHub tool, the Takeoff tool. 

Another thing that Nick has been struggling with is learning how to separate filters to avoid getting miss leading project opportunities. This is why we have recommended PlanHub’s Takeoff tool to him. 


Bidding on construction projects can be a time-consuming and costly process for subcontractors. Estimations are often inaccurate, payment tracking needs to be more efficient, and project management is difficult to manage. This leads to wasted resources and missed opportunities for cost savings. PlanHub’s tools provide an efficient one-stop shop for all bidding on construction projects.

“I use PlanHub because I have a lot of general contractors bidding on the construction projects that I’m interested in all in one place. And there are a lot of tools to make it so that I can search through those projects for what’s the right fit for my company.”

It’s because of this that during a franchise meeting, another EverLine worker recommended PlanHub to Nick. He mentioned how efficient his work would become and suggested Nick take a chance on the tool.

The founders are what got me interested. They’re great people that I think will always have my back. If I need help, I’ve got folks that I can lean on to make sure that anything that is thrown my way whether I can lean on their experience in addition to my own experience,” said Nick.

Nick’s favorite tools today are “ the general contractor and competitive advantage features.”

He has been using PlanHub’s solutions for over two months and knows that he will get the hang of the market of it all sooner or later.


Since opening his Franchise, Nick has been working hard to find his projects. He now knows he has the help of PlanHub’s filters and the Takeoff tool. The Takeoff tool allows you to identify a project, see the project specs and measure precisely by zooming in and zooming out with different highlighters and colored markers to measure the area of space precisely. This allows you not only to measure it, but you can actually build your bids even faster with a calculator that is built in with it.

As Nick mentioned, his clients choose him over his competitors

because we stand by our work and we try to make the process as simple as possible. But the number one thing is we’re willing to communicate with our clients and ensure we do good quality work.”

Nick’s thoughts about the industry are englobed with his customers. He believes that the more value he can bring to someone’s business, the longer the relationship will be.

“I mean, I really hope that it gets good, that all of my clients see the need for it and want to keep up with it to both produce their costs and make sure that all of their spaces look great and are safe for all their customers.”

Nick is a happy customer who would recommend PlanHub to others depending on their project needs. Today, Nick is already sending out bi-weekly bids.

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