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Paradise Concrete Design Studio is Learning to Read & Implement Blueprints Using PlanHub’s Takeoff Tool

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“I really liked the aspect of, even if I have a job that’s not within PlanHub that I can upload blueprints of any kind up there and it really helps cut down on plain old searching and measuring rather than just doing it by hand.” Whitney Larson, Paradise Concrete Design Studio



Paradise Concrete Design Studio is an experienced provider of concrete design solutions located in Phoenix, Arizona. For over 20 years, they have been crafting beautiful and unique pieces with their specialty: finished smooth-surface concrete countertops. It offers its customers design and a wide range of customized color options.


  • Reading Blueprints
  • Investing time correctly 


  • PlanHub Takeoff Tool
  • One-on-one meeting for blueprints
  • Keyword search


  • Understanding blueprints
  • More bids in less time


Back in February 2023, before using PlanHub, Paradise Concrete Design Studio struggled with the following: 

  • Finding new customers in their area
  • Building long-term relationships
  • Keeping crews fully booked

When they started using PlanHub they found some key results which were:

  • Out-of-Network Directory tool 
  • Connection opportunities 

To this day, they have found a way to continue to tackle these challenges and benefit from the PlanHub tools. In fact, Whitney states that PlanHub has helped her and the company save time when it comes to making connections, closing new opportunities, and on top of that, she would personally recommend PlanHub to other Subcontractors. 

However, as they discover more PlanHub features and industry stoppers, they now face some new challenges. 

Their biggest barriers today are reading Blueprints correctly and finding more projects worth investing their time on.

As Whitney mentions, “nobody’s ever putting into blueprints, specifically concrete countertops. So I have to find, you know, ways of searching for it.”

With this being said, if they do not know how to read blueprints and on top of that they put their efforts in the wrong basket, they will be giving a step back into what they have already successfully accomplished alongside PlanHub.


As Whitney explored her options, she realized that the best solution to her newer barriers are PlanHub’s Takeoff Tool, which provides them with an organized, easy-to-use platform to streamline their customer’s project from start to finish. Something else she requested was a one-on-one meeting with PlanHub to learn about blueprints, how to read them and how to digitize them.

As Whitney stated, “I probably need a little bit more experience and just to dig into it myself.”

Finally, the last solution for Whitney and her team is to learn how to use the keyword search feature for all her work in order to be more efficient. 


As we wrapped up our conversation with Whitney, we realized that although she and the company have dominated past challenges with PlanHub’s tool, today her needs are different. Since PlanHub is such a complete tool, we are now able to switch the focus to the company’s needs and provide new solutions and results. 

As Whitey asked, “do you guys offer any like training for specifically reading blueprints through your company?” and the answer of course was YES! Now, Whitney and her team will learn how to understand blueprints in order to get new bids out correctly. 

On top of this, knowing how to use the keyword search tool, will allow Whitney to cut down on unnecessary time spent looking for opportunities.

“It really helps cut down on plain old searching and measuring,” said Whitney.

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