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CCAC Generates New Opportunities With PlanHub

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“We are getting more and more general contractors contacting us — and we haven’t been on PlanHub that long. It’s been phenomenal!” – Kimberly Rudolph, Commercial HVAC Project Coordinator at CCAC Building




  • Finding the right types of jobs to match the company’s HVAC capabilities
  • Expanding reach to more general contractors in newer markets


  • PlanHub’s rapidly-growing network with more than general contractors
  • In-app communication and messaging
  • Robust search tools with intuitive filters and ability to search using keywords
  • Accessible locations to download project plans and documentation


  • Greater visibility to a large number of general contractors in the 100-mile service area
  • Daily contacts from general contractors that are interested in their business
  • Major uptick in bidding opportunities
  • Ability to get more bids out faster



Since 1967, CCAC has been a leading provider of HVAC products and services for the commercial, industrial, and institutional markets with several locations throughout North Carolina. The company is known for providing exceptional service and value for customers — their collaborative approach helps clients meet their needs, improve facility operations, and reduce owning and operating costs. CCAC Building Solutions has also been recognized by the Triad Business Journal as one of the best places to work in the state.

Kimberly Rudolph joined the company last October, as Commercial HVAC Project Coordinator.

“I love the construction industry. I think there are good opportunities for women in this industry. We’re seeing a lot more women owned businesses too.”

The company is focused on commercial construction— including education, worship, industrial, retail, healthcare –  and has worked on projects for Mohawk Flooring, the High Point Furniture Market, local schools, and more. Kimberly is tasked with helping to keep the pipeline filled with the right size and kinds of jobs for the company.

“I’m looking for jobs that are within a 100 mile radius of my office here and that fit the criteria for our type of work, mostly the really big jobs.”

Even though PlanHub is new to her, she’s thrilled with how it helps her get more done.

“We just started using PlanHub about six months ago. I haven’t fully explored everything yet, but it’s an amazing platform.”


Kimberly says, “I’ve got two monitors on my desk and if you look at the tabs I have open on both, they are all PlanHub. I am in it all the time.”

With more than 55,000 general contractors in PlanHub, Kimberly is excited by the number of new contacts she’s been able to make in a short time. One of the first things she did was ensure that her complete subcontractor profile was filled in and accurate. The results have been amazing.

“My email is blowing up with a huge number of jobs that fall into our wheelhouse! They are coming to us.”

The easy-to-use search is helping too. “I can find which general contractors are going after certain jobs.Then with all the plans and documentation online in the project Planroom, it’s easy to download what I need and prepare a bid.”

It’s helping her get established and make a name for the company in their area, where the office is relatively new.

“My office —  the Garner office – is in  the Raleigh area. We haven’t been here as long as in Greensboro, so a lot of the GCS don’t know us. Now all of a sudden they do. That’s one way PlanHub has been great for us.”

She continues with a story, “I actually have gotten emails and calls on a Sunday, which floored me! When a GC reaches out to you on a Sunday — wow, that means that they’re interested.”

She explains that she hasn’t yet tapped all the potential she sees in PlanHub – and is excited about trying out the Takeoff tool. She believes that it will be a big help in putting good bids together, not to mention saving valuable time.


Right now, she’s ramping up. “I’m submitting at least two extra bids a week. Next week, things will start to rock and roll – I’ve got at least six bids we are putting out because of PlanHub,” she says laughing. 

She loves that she is able to make direct connections with more GCs wanting to get to know the company.

“I’m getting a lot of calls because they can’t find good mechanical contractors, and that’s what we are. Once they work with us, they’ll be fans for life.”

But most of all, she’s excited about being able to play a big role in the business’s success.

“PlanHub is really going to be a key part of growing our business in this area. I couldn’t be happier.”

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