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PlanHub Helps Commercial Acoustics Nearly Double Their Revenue

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“We’ve grown from about $4 million in revenue last year (2021) and have seen a near 40% increase in our revenue stream (2022). A lot of it comes from PlanHub which is great.”  Nick Cupp, Account Manager, Commercial Acoustics



Commercial Acoustics, located in Tampa, Florida offers a blend of Commercial Soundproofing options to its customers that best fits their needs. With hundreds of products across the United States, their experienced team of soundproofing professionals has one goal in mind – to deliver a quality acoustic solution all projects. They provide custom designs or off-the-shelf products & solutions for Architects, Developers, General Contractors, and End Clients.


  • Expand network and build relationships
  • Keep a steady flow of projects during slow periods
  • Access relevant, quality projects to bid on


  • PlanHub Premier 1000 plan opens doors with new General Contractors across a 1000-mile radius
  • Advanced search function allows users to preset filters and access relevant projects to their trade


  • Commercial Acoustics has nearly doubled their revenue in the past year, much of this attributed to projects won and connections made on PlanHub.


Secure a steady stream of projects, especially during slow periods. 

Commercial Acoustics is a Tampa-based professional soundproofing and acoustical treatment company offering their extensive knowledge and solutions since 2013.

In recent months, Nick Cupp, Account Manager at Commercial Acoustics has noticed quite a lull in bid closure across the industry as inflation rises along with delays on the projects he submits bids to.

“Recently project awarding timeframes have slowed down. Where it used to take a few weeks, I’m now winning a job in December that I bid on in August. With inflation and costs rising, many projects are needing to rework financing before they can begin.”

Not only has this thrown a wrench in their project pipeline, it has affected the accuracy of their bid once the project is reassessed by the project poster:

“Now, after I get a job that I bid on in August, I have to revisit the numbers because there’s been a 5% material increase.”



A consistent, one-stop platform to find quality projects relevant to sound-proofing & acoustical solutions to expand their network.

After finding immense value in PlanHub Premier during the pandemic, Nick and his team have kept their project pipeline full amongst recent industry delays. Their paid subscription has offered a sense of security as their team steadily wins projects on the platform. On average, Nick, individually has consistently been securing projects on PlanHub:

“There’s probably between 15-20 bids a month that I go after on PlanHub. And that’s just me, not the whole company.”

More importantly, bids submitted by Nick and his team have shown results:

“I would say it’s about a 30% close rate, so 3 out of 10 bids we are winning. That’s consistently over the course that I’ve been using the platform.”

Commercial Acoustics has offices in Louisiana and Florida, but extends their turnkey services nationwide. With bid coverage across the nation, it pays to have a platform that offers detailed contact information on posted projects. 

“I use the contact info provided on the project in PlanHub and send General Contractors emails directly or give them a call. Having the contact information of General Contractors has been the key to connecting and building strong relationships.”


Network expansion, new relationships with General Contractors, and revenue growth of 40% in one year.

As 2022 closes, Nick and his team at Commercial Acoustics have reviewed their revenue growth and found that their stream has nearly doubled from 2021 numbers.

“We’ve grown from about $4 million in revenue last year (2021) to almost $8 million this year (2022) and a lot of it comes from PlanHub which is great.”

In addition to the opportunities won in the platform and the incredible measurable growth in revenue, Nick has been able to create meaningful connections with General Contractors that have led to weekly correspondence with one another:

“There are a few GC’s that contact me on a weekly basis via phone call asking if I received their ITB and if they should expect a bid from me. This has allowed me to pursue more projects that I wasn’t aware of.”

Commercial Acoustics recently renovated interrogation rooms at the Miami Dade Police HQ in Miami, Florida.

Commercial Acoustics recently renovated interrogation rooms at the Miami Dade Police HQ in Miami, Florida.

Acoustical treatment added to the Pfizer offices in Tampa, FL by Commercial Acoustics.

Follow Commercial Acoustics on Linkedin and visit their website for more information.

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