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Couldn’t make it to our webinar for Subcontractors? No problem! We’ve got you covered with everything you missed.

In this webinar, host Eduardo Mazal (Product Marketing Manager) along with panelists, Adam Baldwin (Product Manager), and Ryan Conlan (Director of Market Development), walk you through the functions of our elevated, end-to-end preconstruction software for Subcontractors with a product demonstration. You’ll learn to:

-Navigate our latest mobile experience

-Receive daily summary push notifications & highlight new projects

-Use bid lifecycle tracking & management

-Assign team members to projects and see who is working on what

-Easily manage your saved projects

Webinar Q&A

Can you do takeoffs of blueprints in PlanHub?

Adam Baldwin (Product Manager): Yes, but not yet. It is coming very soon, however! We’ve brought in a manager who is an expert in takeoffs and for the past 3 or 4 months, he’s been solely creating a PlanHub version of takeoff that is really well done. Its initial release should be coming in December.

Do you have to pay for the service before you can access GC information?

Ryan Conlan (Director of Market Development): There is a trial period in which you’ll have access to the extended features in PlanHub. Of course, after this trial ends, features and benefits you accessed during your trial will end as well. You’ll have to upgrade after your free trial in order to continue your use of Premier benefits. While you’ll still be able to benefit from the functionality of your free PlanHub account, the true value of PlanHub cannot be fully reached without upgrading to Premier.

How do I research bidding projects as a Subcontractor, Geotechnical firm?

Ryan Conlan: We have a really great PDF Scanner feature in PlanHub. It allows you to assign keywords into your search criteria, and in that search criteria it will scan through all the bid documents that are on file for the projects. If it finds that keyword or key phrase, pull it up into a query, and tell you which page that it appears on. Then, you’re able to open up that page and discover if the project is relevant to you.

Can subs access project plans in PlanHub?

Ryan Conlan: Yes, all plans are available in PlanHub. During your trial period you should have access to almost all the plans regardless of your account status. As that trial period tapers off, you are going to start getting some limitations of what you can download. Upgrading to Premier offers you an Out-of-Network directory, whereas a free account will not give you expanded access.

What is the difference between PlanHub and Dodge?

Ryan Conlan: There’s lots of differences between us and them. They have always looked at project procurement and being able to to throw a lot of projects at you and sometimes they’re not exactly relevant to what you are looking for. Every project that hits our database is something that a GC puts there. If you’re wondering, “where do these projects come from?”, the answer is simple: A GC has taken time to put that project in place on our network to provide and request from you and your trades. 


There is a very high level of value and ability to be able to network and create, not only short term project values, but long term relationships with GCs in your areas. That is a key difference between us and Dodge, and what we hear our subcontractors talk about in reference to our software.

Is there any way to sort projects by date in which they are added to PlanHub?

Adam Baldwin: The current filter is primarily sorted by “Bid Due Date”, but there is an advanced filter where you can set how far out you want that bid due date.



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