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NTX Commercial Floors Thrives with PlanHub

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“We’re looking at somewhere between $350,000 and $400,000 in revenue so far. Considering this, it represents a substantial 30% increase in our revenue, underscoring the transformative effect PlanHub has had on our business.”Lisa Tabor, Chief Financial Officer, NTX Commercial Floors



NTX Commercial Floors, based in Grand Prairie, Texas, specializes in flooring installation and supplies, primarily focusing on the commercial sector. Lisa Tabor, the CFO, shared that the company has been in operation since June of the previous year.

NTX Commercial Floors operates as both a subcontractor and a supplier, providing materials and labor for commercial flooring projects. The company strongly emphasizes maintaining relationships with contractors, considering it a vital aspect of their success.


  • Initial Reluctance to Adopt New Technology
  • Maintaining Relationships Amid Business Growth


  • Embracing Innovative Platforms
  • Balancing Growth with Relationship Focus


  • Increased Access to Opportunities
  • Substantial Revenue Growth



In a recent interview with Lisa Tabor, the Chief Financial Officer of NTX Commercial Floors, we delved into the company’s journey and success since joining PlanHub. The conversation revealed valuable insights into how PlanHub has played a pivotal role in the growth and prosperity of NTX Commercial Floors.

Like any other company, NTX Commercial Floors also faces some challenges and continues to work on getting better each day. The two main challenges are initial reluctance to adopt new technology and maintaining and improving communication amid business growth:

NTX Commercial Floors encountered resistance from a previous employer who needed to see the value in adopting innovative platforms like PlanHub, potentially hindering the company’s access to new opportunities.

As NTX Commercial Floors expands its project radius and takes on more projects, maintaining solid relationships with existing contractors becomes a challenge as the volume of work increases.

Maintaining strong relationships with General Contractors is about trust and reliability. As Lisa Tabor wisely puts it, Do what you tell them you’re going to do, show up on time, and have crews that really know what they’re doing. Avoid sending inexperienced newcomers; it’s the key to sustaining those valuable connections in the industry.

During the interview, Lisa mentioned that they have yet to face significant challenges related to labor shortages thanks to their longstanding relationships with experienced crews. This contrasts with everyday issues in the industry, where contractors often struggle to find skilled labor for their projects.

Lisa shared that NTX Commercial Floors has successfully undertaken various projects, including dental and doctor offices, Baylor Scott and White facilities, rehabilitation centers, the Austin Cancer Center, retail spaces, and restaurants. The company has expanded its project radius beyond Texas, completing projects in Nevada, Arkansas, Arizona, Mississippi, and Louisiana.


NTX Commercial Floors attributes its success to its dedicated crews, personalized approach to relationships, and a commitment to transparency and honesty. Lisa emphasized the importance of delivering on promises, showing up on time, and having skilled crews to maintain positive relationships with general contractors.

To their challenges, the leading solutions they found are embracing innovative platforms and balancing growth with relationship focus:

Overcoming initial reluctance, NTX Commercial Floors embraced PlanHub, recognizing its potential benefits in terms of bid management, networking, and access to a broader range of projects.

Despite business expansion, NTX Commercial Floors maintains a focus on relationships by emphasizing transparency, honesty, and effective communication. This commitment helps them balance growth while ensuring positive connections with contractors.

Lisa highlighted that NTX Commercial Floors started using PlanHub a few years ago when they were introduced to it by contractors. Despite initial reluctance from a previous employer, they succeeded through PlanHub’s bid invitation emails, ultimately leading them to subscribe to the service.



As a result, NTX Commercial Floors has increased access to opportunities and substantial revenue growth:

Reflecting on the impact of PlanHub, Lisa Tabor shares, ‘It’s been a pretty good tool, and we’ve successfully brought in new clients and customers with it. PlanHub is more than just a tool; it’s an essential asset for our business.” 

Embracing PlanHub has led to an increased volume of bid opportunities for NTX Commercial Floors. The platform’s bid invitation emails and user-friendly interface have streamlined the bidding process, giving the company more chances to secure projects.

Since joining PlanHub, NTX Commercial Floors has submitted approximately 170 bids through the platform, resulting in an estimated revenue of $350,000 to $400,000. This represents a significant and tangible impact on the company’s overall earnings, showcasing the platform’s effectiveness in driving business growth.

Other results from using PlanHub have been increasing networking opportunities and managing bids easily.

PlanHub is a valuable networking tool that connects NTX Commercial Floors with multiple contractors and projects, broadening their industry connections and paving the way for new business opportunities.

Lisa Tabor commended PlanHub for its user-friendly interface, highlighting its role in simplifying the bidding process, bringing jobs to them, and fostering new connections within the industry.

In conclusion, the NTX Commercial Floors case study exemplifies how adopting innovative platforms like PlanHub can significantly impact a company’s growth and revenue. By leveraging PlanHub’s features and networking capabilities, NTX Commercial Floors has not only streamlined its bidding process but has also expanded its reach, securing valuable contracts and establishing new connections in the industry. To connect with Lisa Tabor and learn more about NTX Commercial Floors, you can contact her at [email protected].

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