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New Feature Spotlight – Baseline

create a project baseline

Automatically create a detailed baseline using CSI codes for your projects

Now, PlanHub is giving you a new way to ensure you get quality bids the first time. With our new Baseline feature, you can automatically generate a detailed list of CSI line items for your project, customize your list, and send the appropriate CSI items to subcontractors to bid on. And, since subs can open it right in PlanHub’s Bid Builder, it makes it simple and fast for them to respond right away. Now, you can be sure that subcontractors are bidding on the right items, with the right quantities and materials – and quality bids are coming your way. Here are some highlights:

How to Get Started. You can start a Baseline in two ways – from the project page or from Bid Leveler. Simply select the project and click on Start a Baseline. PlanHub automatically generates a Baseline with line items for each trade using the CSI codes you selected when you entered the project in PlanHub. You always have the option to create a Baseline manually as well.

Customize your Baseline. Need to add or delete trades? It’s easy, simply select them from the box at the top and add them. You can also customize the line items within each trade. For instance, under Concrete, if you need a line item for Cast-in-Place Concrete, but not for Precast Architectural Concrete. You can delete that line item with a click. 

If you want to create your own detailed estimate across trades, fill in each line item. PlanHub lets you enter the details for each trade, including quantities, unit prices, unit of measure, and taxability. 

Create handy templates for types of projects you work on frequently. If you’ve created a Baseline for a project type – and your line items are usually the same, you can save it as a named template. For instance, you might regularly build a specific gas station and each one has the same trades and CSI codes. Click Save to Template and give it a name and description. Now, each time you have this type of job, you are already most of the way there. Just check each line and adjust it as needed, then save it under the specific project name.  

Share your Baseline with subcontractors. When it comes to sharing your Baseline, you’ve got options! Click Share with Subs and you have four options:

  • Send it to all the subs that got ITBs for the project
  • Send it to a customized list (Premier members only)
  • Enter individual email addresses
  • Or, upload a .csv file
Once you’ve selected the subs that you want to receive your Baseline, send it! Keep in mind that any numbers you entered will not be shared with them — only the line items you need them to bid.

Subcontractors benefit from Baseline too. When subcontractors receive your Baseline, they can choose to import trades based on their company profile – only the CSI codes that match their business profile will be imported into Bid Builder. Some subs may not have entered all their trades upon signing up with PlanHub – or may have added new ones that aren’t reflected in their profile yet. PlanHub gives them the option to import all the trades in the Baseline and manually remove any trades they don’t need. Once subs filled out the line items and completed their bid, they can easily submit their bid for the project, knowing that they are including exactly what the general contractor was looking for. 

View all your bids in Bid Leveler. Compare apples to apples in Bid Leveler, which allows you to compare the bids you’ve received for each trade in an easy to view side-by-side format. 

At PlanHub, we are constantly finding ways to make your work day simpler, more streamlined and more convenient. Baseline is one more way PlanHub is making it faster and easier to find, bid and win business.

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