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Private Label

PlanHub Premier Feature Spotlight:  Private Planrooms

Sometimes you want projects to be public, to attract as much attention and response from subcontractors as possible — and other times, you know exactly who you want to invite to bid. PlanHub Premier was designed to give you all the flexibility with useful options to control who can find and view your project.

A convenient new way to keep projects private

When you create a project, you create a planroom. In PlanHub Premier, you get the choice to create a public or private planroom. It’s simple to control who can find your project in a search or when browsing through project lists. 

Public Planrooms can be found in searches by any subcontractors that are part of PlanHub, while Private Planrooms can only be found or viewed by subcontractors or suppliers that you invite to bid. What’s more, all of your project documents — plans, specifications, addendums and more — can only be accessed by those you invite to bid.

There are also options that allow you to customize who you invite to bid. You can upload your personal lists of subs, creating a list of what PlanHub calls “in-network subcontractors”. In addition, you can specify that you want to invite all your in-network subs or only those within a mileage radius limit of the project location, or use special saved lists of your go-to subs. 


Need additional coverage? PlanHub Premier members also have the option to search the full PlanHub Directory for additional out-of-network subcontractors by trade and invite them to bid as well. Once you’ve invited them, they’ll be able to view your Private Planroom and access the documents they need to provide a bid. Check out our quick tutorial video to see how easy it is to add new levels of flexibility and control to your projects using Private Planroom.


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