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Boost sales by connecting with the right people, on the right projects, at the right time.

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Contractor Directories + Project Lead Finder + Keyword Search

Get direct access to contractors ready to buy your materials

Contractor Directories:

Gain access to more than 55,000+ general contractors and 350,000+ subcontractors with Planhub’s Directories. Use segmentation options to hone down on the right contractors. Reach out to new contractors interested in projects requiring the materials and products you — or your competitors — sell.

Find qualified leads

Sales cycles can become too long or fall apart altogether if the timing isn’t right. Make sure that your sales efforts are directed to contractors ready to buy. Use keyword search notifications to identify the right projects, and Project Activity Metrics to know which contractors have viewed, downloaded, and bid on a project your materials are required. It’s like having a crystal ball telling you which contractors are interested and ready to buy your materials.

Project Lead Finder

Connect directly with architects, developers, and owners by unlocking hard-to-find private projects in early planning and design stages. Lead Finder adds over 3,000 projects a month, and 99% have detailed individual contact information. Get into the consideration set early, so you are ready to go when the project is funded and open for bids — and develop solid relationships that pay off short- and long-term.

Keyword Search & Notifications

No more guessing if a project needs what you are selling — now, you can search by keyword, scan through project documentation, and know exactly which projects to approach. Keywords can be your product category, product name, brand name, or even your competitors’ products. Use filters like ZIP code, distance, construction type, trade, sub-trades, and bid due date to find the projects you want. Save any search terms and receive email notifications when your keyword is found in a new project.


In-App Estimates Request

Increase inbound estimate requests

Estimate Requests

With over 300,000 SCs and 50,000 GCs posting, reviewing, downloading, and bidding on projects ,there is a constant need of material estimates within the PlanHub network. SCs send an average of 50,000 material estimates requests to suppliers in PlanHub. Make sure that you are getting your share of estimates requests from eager contractors.


Takeoff + Estimating

Save time and money with built-in takeoff tools

Better Estimate & Bid Accuracy

Manually calculating measurements from hard copies of plans increases the likelihood of mistakes—now, you can minimize costly errors by performing takeoff digitally, saving you countless hours of tedious and time-consuming work.

All-In-One Solution

PlanHub’s integrated takeoff software is built directly into PlanHub, so there’s no additional software to install. With Takeoff, you can do more than just create a library of measurements. You now have the power to label and categorize every aspect of the project with CSI codes, unit costs, material, labor or other distinctions. This helps you keep all data organized and easily accessible with just a few clicks.


Strengthen your network

Win more sales with your contractor network

PlanHub Network
Contractor Directories

Gain access to more than 55,000+ general contractors and 350,000+ subcontractors with Planhub’s Directories. Use segmentation options to hone down on the right contractors. Reach out to new contractors interested in projects requiring the materials and products you — or your competitors — sell.


Project Lead Finder

Gain a competitive edge by unlocking access to early-stage projects.

Access the exclusive Project Lead Finder database to get specified in specific projects and proactively build relationships with owners, architects, and developers that will guarantee your product being top of mind when new project plans are developed and drawn. Access over 3,000 hard to find private projects in early planning and design stages a month with detailed individual contact information.

Business Intelligence

Use data insights to close more sales

PH provides suppliers with comprehensive construction data and insights. This includes information on project activity, competitor analysis, and market trends, enabling suppliers to gain a deeper understanding of the construction market and make strategic business decisions.

Bid Planner + Online Bidding

Manage all bidding in one place

Leverage bid management tools that streamline the bidding process for suppliers. These tools allow suppliers to receive bid invitations, track bids, and collaborate with contractors and subcontractors during the bidding phase. PlanHub also provides you with document management systems, CRM tools, project tracking software, and integrations with other construction management platforms, all aimed at improving efficiency and productivity.

The PlanHub ROI Calculator

PlanHub will help you increase wins and grow your business. Let's look at how much effort you're currently putting into bidding.

How many bids do you submit a year?


How many hours do you spend building a bid?


What's your average job size?




Net profit increase using PlanHub:

In addition, we expect you will win 4 additional bids annually, save 40 hours of precious time, and create a labor savings of $5,000 that can be put back into your construction business.

Case Study
“PlanHub provides matching leads that are still in the planning process – so I can get in front of people at the right time.”
Sara Rothenberg
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Driving New Growth with Leadfinder
FTECH Organization & Storage


Finding new ways to generate leads is always a challenge.

“Getting in front of the right people, at the right time. It’s all about timing, really. The most frustrating thing is when you find out about a project, but it’s already been put out to bid.” 

“Finding the right person to speak to is hard. Is it owner-provided? Is the city bidding it out, is this county bidding it out? Did they already find somebody? Those pieces can be challenging.”




As of March, Sara has been a PlanHub Premier member for three months – and she’s finding PlanHub extremely useful. One of her favorite features is Leadfinder which she uses to identify projects early in the planning stage, connect with more project owners and general contractors, build new relationships, and continue to grow her family business.

“I like the flexibility of the search. I can filter by type of construction or building — we do a lot of government work. I can narrow it down using keywords to find projects that call for our products like shelving, mobile shelving, and lockers. And I can find projects that are still in the planning phase.”


Leadfinder is valuable

I can find projects early on and follow up from there.

Matching leads

I can get in front of people at the right time.

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Your easy-to-use hub for bidding projects.

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Real talk by suppliers who use PlanHub

“PlanHub is highly user-friendly and well-designed, reflecting the importance of aesthetics in today’s digital landscape,”
Victor Martinez,
S&S Waste
“PlanHub makes sure that we are bidding on the correct product. Many times, I make copies of details, special shapes, or items that require special pricing, and I store them for reference. This helps me have records of these specifications. PlanHub helps me save time and improve efficiency,”
Steve Bischke,
g2 logo
“The first year I sent about 120 proposals. This year, I expect to send more than 300. It’s helping us find new business.”
Sandro Maldonado,
NOVA Engineering
“80% of our jobs we get through PlanHub. I send about 30 estimates per week and we have about 50 jobs going at all times.”
John Thomspon,
Metals Heads
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From the very beginning, PlanHub has been a place where people can do meaningful work and build strong relationships.

Come grow with us! We’re building innovative technologies that simplify preconstruction for everyone.

Estimation is a simple yet powerful digital estimating tool for general contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers that integrates with PlanHub’s existing Takeoff software
Create quicker, improved takeoffs effortlessly. PlanHub’s Takeoff aids your team in accurate, faster estimates, minimizing errors, and driving business growth.

Expand your network and connect with general contractors, subcontractors, owners, architects, and suppliers – not to mention thousands of relevant projects at your fingertips.

Generate relevant leads, faster and with precision. With access to private, hard-to-find projects, you can connect with architects and owners on projects still in the pre-design and design stages.

PlanHub’s advanced suite of bid management tools allows you to increase productivity, identify relevant projects using data, build bids with Takeoff, and manage bids through the entire process.