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  • Subcontractors

    Import Your Projects into PlanHub, Centralized Your Bid Management

    February 1, 2023

    PlanHub Premier Feature Spotlight: Imported Projects Did you know that you can import projects from outside PlanHub? It’s a question we get asked all the time. The answer is YES you can – and it’s fast, easy and convenient. It’s a new, exclusive feature for PlanHub Premier members. Imported Projects: Manage all your bids in […]

  • Product Update

    PlanHub Creates a Powerful and Simplified End-to-End Preconstruction Platform for General Contractors

    January 30, 2023

    View Release on Cision/PR Web West Palm Beach, FL – January 31, 2022 – PlanHub, the leading cloud-based software as service (SaaS) preconstruction solution, officially announced the expansion of its end-to-end general contractors’ platform. The simplified, cloud-based tool will be a one-stop shop to help general contractors improve collaboration with subcontractors and material suppliers, find new […]

  • General Contractors

    The Benefits and Applications of 3D Printing in Construction

    January 30, 2023

    What if instead of months to complete a new construction project it could be done in weeks? 3D printing can offer that kind of savings. In addition to time savings, it also reduces material costs, improves site safety, and allows designers to think more creatively.  This construction technology, which has been around for decades, is […]

  • Suppliers

    5 Digital Marketing Tips for Building Materials Suppliers

    January 29, 2023

    The days of setting up a storefront and waiting for customers to come to you is gone. With more young people working in the construction industry, you need to change up your marketing strategies to reach them where they are: online. Phone calls and faxes aren’t as popular as they were even a few years […]

  • General Contractors

    Construction Equipment: Should You Rent, Buy, or Lease?

    January 28, 2023

    Construction equipment is an expensive, but necessary, cost for most contractors. When it comes to owning equipment there are three options: renting, buying, and leasing. Determining which option is best for your company depends on the type of equipment you use and the financial position of your company. Equipment ownership options When it comes to […]

  • Subcontractors

    Create Detailed Easy-to-Read Bids That General Contractors Will Love

    January 27, 2023

    It’s no secret that general contractors are more likely to consider well organized bids that are easy-to-read and contain the information that they need – but for subcontractors, it isn’t always as easy to create them. It’s time-consuming work that requires attention to detail and a mistake can impact job profitability.  Introducing Bid Builder: Stay […]

  • General Contractors

    PlanHub Expands Bid Coverage for Madewell Construction

    January 27, 2023

      “This company is less than 10 years old, so it’s kind of the perfect storm with the company growing and PlanHub coming around to help increase our coverage.”  TJ Andrade, Bid Coordinator, Madewell Construction   Summary Challenges Expand network and bid coverage Break through the local market and increase volume of out-of-state projects Solution […]

  • General Contractors

    Selecting the Best Construction Software for 2023

    January 27, 2023

    According to PlanHub’s 2022 Construction Industry Report, 91% of general contractors and 82% of subcontractors are looking to implement new technology in 2023. For many that will include construction software. Construction software can be used to simplify several everyday tasks, including accounting, estimating, bid management, and project management. According to our report, here’s how companies […]

  • General Contractors

    7 Keys to a Successful Construction Company

    January 26, 2023

    Only 37.6% of construction companies that started in March 2011 survived 10 years later, according the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The industry has the highest failure rate and up to 25% of companies fail within their first year of operation. When so many businesses in the industry are failing, it pays to look at what […]

  • General Contractors

    Top 9 Coolest Buildings of 2023

    January 25, 2023

    Architecture, design, and construction are truly art forms. If you have any doubts, these 9 cool buildings will convince you. Inclusion at its finest – Abrahamic Family House Although the predominant religion in the United Arab Emirates is Islam, a new interfaith complex is providing access to sacred spaces for Muslims, Christians, and Jews. The […]

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