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PlanHub is the leading bid management app for general contractors and subcontractors looking for a simpler, faster way to work.

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PlanHub Co-Founder and CEO Kevin Priddy has over two decades of experience as a general contractor and subcontractor. Now he’s made it his mission to deliver a simple, affordable, and powerful solution for the tedious construction bidding process. His experience and passion for improving the construction industry regularly catalyze new ideas and platform innovation that benefits construction professionals around the country.

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We’ve worked hard to find the right hardworking, humble, and passionate people to help build PlanHub into what it is today. We’ve created a great culture where teammates are treated like family and customers like trusted partners. It’s a great concept fueled by a team that’s passionate about empowering construction professionals to build something meaningful!

Kevin Priddy, Founder & CEO

Yes, we’re improving the construction bidding process, but it’s about more than that

We build every PlanHub feature believing that if we can improve the lives of individual construction professionals, we can make a positive impact on the entire U.S. construction industry.

Facilitating more industry connections

General contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers can more easily connect and communicate within PlanHub and establish long-lasting working relationships.

Enhancing construction project visibility

By making it free for general contractors to post projects, we can increase project visibility to contractors across the U.S.

Driving fair market competition

Subcontractors can find more projects and submit bids to multiple general contractors on a project, increasing competition and fair market value.

Creating more sustainable careers

More projects mean more consistent work. Subcontractors can monitor bidding timelines and fill their project calendars with confidence.

Improving whole-project efficiency

By streamlining project posting, networking, bid submission, and project forecasting, construction professionals gain more time for the work that matters most.

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