Communication is fundamental in any relationship, especially in project cycles where effective communication between general contractors and subcontractors improves teamwork and collaboration while ensuring the successful completion of a project. On the flip side, poor communication between the two parties can cause delays, misunderstandings, and increased project costs. Check out these three simple ways to improve communication between general contractors and subcontractors.
1. Choose the Right Communication Channels
Improving communication between general contractors and subcontractors starts with choosing the right communication channels. Depending on the type of information you want to convey and the urgency, you have several options. You can decide to communicate on the phone, send emails, or text messages. While at times, a quick email is all you need, at other times, you may need to schedule a face-to-face meeting. Another tool that can enhance communication is a cloud-based application to share information such as PlanHub. Such a cloud-based application is ideal for sharing project files and data between general contractors and subcontractors. Tools like PlanHub help in simplifying the exchange of information throughout all project stages.
2. Be Clear and Concise
Communication between general contractors and subcontractors should be as clear and concise as possible. Ensure your message is unambiguous and understood the first time. Be brief and comprehensive to ensure your recipient gets the message you are conveying. Do not forget to proofread your written messages to ensure they are error-free, and you don’t leave out critical information.
3. Develop Listening Skills
An excellent communicator should be an exceptional listener. For both the general contractor and subcontractors, there’s a need to develop excellent listening skills. Such an approach not only demands that you absorb the information conveyed, but also requires you to understand what the sender wants to communicate. In case something is not clear, you should promptly seek clarification. Effective communication between general contractors and subcontractors ensures projects run seamlessly, stay under budget, and stay on schedule. PlanHub is a cloud-based construction management software that conveniently connects general contractors and subcontractors. It provides channels of communication and engagement throughout every stage of a project. If you’re looking to accelerate the bidding process or amplify business growth, PlanHub is your go-to solution. To learn more about our software and its benefits, contact us today!


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