3 New Interesting Trends in the Construction Industry

General Contractors
November 6, 2019

Over the years, technology continues to influence our lives in many ways. Not to be left behind, tech advancements in the construction industry are playing a significant role—improving both efficiency and productivity for construction projects.

These same innovations are enhancing collaboration at construction sites, hence making it relatively easier for workers to handle more complex projects. The use of these new tools allows engineers to build stronger and more durable structures.

Below are some of the latest trends in technology that have significantly transformed the construction industry.

1. Advanced Use of Global Positioning Systems (GPS)

GPS tracking solutions are invaluable in the construction industry. But what are the uses of these inventive and creative accessories?

  • Assist in fleet management. By installing GPS trackers in trucks, you can easily monitor their location in real-time.
  • Surveying has become easier because construction crews no longer use outdated surveying equipment. Surveying difficult locations has been made easier and significantly safer with the use of drones.
  • Project managers can collect data for potential project sites quickly and accurately.
  • It’s easier to find lost equipment because managers can generate maps to pinpoint the location of these items.

2. Use of Drones

Unmanned aerial vehicles are also instrumental in the construction industry. For example, surveyors can use drones to survey a large tract of land in just a few minutes. And since the devices are more accurate in their readings, they also minimize the risk of human error. Subsequently, this helps construction companies save a lot of money. Today, many construction companies are embracing this invaluable technology to increase efficiency.

3. Wearables

Another emerging trend in the construction industry is the use of wearables. Often, wearable technology can help to keep workers safe. Since workers can communicate with one another using wireless technology, they no longer periodically have to refer to a training manual. Wearable technology also makes it easier to track the location of each worker in case there’s an accident at the site.

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