General contractors, subcontractors, and their suppliers are at a great advantage today because of the internet. Online tools like bidding apps and plan rooms help keep everyone on the same page with little to no surprises. Both time and money are saved using an online plan room because it allows general contractors and subcontractors easy access to all aspects of a project including timelines, plans, and bid openings. Check out these four important features of an online plan room below.

1. Accessible

A cloud-based plan room makes it easy for all involved to stay on top of a project. General contractors and subcontractors need to be able to see what the plans look like, what jobs are up for bid, who has already bid, and all other relevant information from the convenience of their own computers.

2. Easy to Learn and User-Friendly

A good plan room will be easy, quick to learn, and user-friendly. As a general contractor or subcontractor, time is of the essence. Online plan rooms help users stay on track, share files, and communicate, helping to save time and money.

3. Well-Organized

A well-organized plan room means the user’s time will not be wasted. Bids, plans, and other documents are sorted and kept organized in one place, making it easy for general contractors and subcontractors to access what they need, when they need it.

4. Cost-Effective

Online plan rooms help keep all aspects of a construction project organized, making for greater efficiency and less costly errors made.


PlanHub is an online plan room and construction bidding software that meets all of the above qualifications. To learn more about our software, its features and benefits, and how PlanHub can help streamline your next construction project, or for more information on how to get started, contact us today!


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