Bid Management and Construction Estimating Software

General Contractors
September 5, 2018

Construction project management starts with the bidding process, but it also entails a long list of duties like project scheduling, budgeting, conflict resolution, legal issues, and properly estimating projects to ensure a profit. Bid management and construction estimating software offers general contractors an organized way to handle estimating and bidding on projects to make sure they are awarded the right projects and to make sure those contracts are profitable and accurately estimated.

What is Bid Management Software

Bid management software offers contractors a better way to manage the project bid process. With one application, you can send out bid solicitations to vendors and subcontractors while also organizing and submitting your bids on new projects. PlanHub offers bid management software that is cloud-based, so you can use it anywhere without downloading special apps on different devices. PlanHub makes it easy to share project files with your subcontractors to facilitate the bidding process.

You can use a bid management software in conjunction with construction costs estimating software to offer competitive, hard bids that are won by the lowest bidder. When you are confident in the project estimation, your bids are more successful in bringing you a profit. Our bidding and estimation software will streamline the entire process, including:

  • tracking of all project activity
  • sending automatic email invitations to subcontractors
  • selective sharing of project information
  • easy organization of bids by price or trade
  • acting as a central location to send and store RFIs

Benefits of Construction Estimating Application

Construction estimating software makes it easier to calculate soft bids, which include items that add a significant cost to the project. Soft expenses may include:

  • inspection fees
  • design or drafting fees
  • construction equipment or rentals
  • taxes, permit fees, and insurance
  • project management fees

PlanHub software provides a centralized location to accurately and quickly estimate these soft construction costs along with quantifiable, hard construction costs, including:

  • operating overhead
  • unit cost of material
  • all labor costs
  • site work
  • contingency fees
  • markup or profit

When you use construction bidding and cost estimation software, you can bid on projects quicker and with more accuracy. Our software not only saves your valuable time, but it will also save you money by generating more accurate project bids and construction estimates.

Contact us to discover how PlanHub beats the old ways of bidding and estimating jobs. You get consistently fair quotes that will help you profit from each project.


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