If your construction firm is losing contracts to the competition, you may want to examine two ingredients that can help your firm get awarded more projects. When you promote your professional skills and the trade experience of your crew, along with offering a clean, organized bid, you can convince more project leaders that you can do the job.

Promote Your Business

Make sure your business is unique and has a differentiator. That is, what makes your construction business different and better from the rest? If you are a general contractor or a subcontractor, know your strengths and promote those over any shortcomings your business many have, such as a small crew or fewer completed projects. Here are 3 ways to promote your construction business before you come across a profitable project that would be perfect for your team:
  • Social Media Promotion: If you are a new or small subcontractor, then you should definitely photo-document each and every project you complete, along with any successful strategies you used to complete the job. Post project pictures on social media platforms and share project milestones to promote your business.
  • Create a Business Network: LinkedIn and Instagram are great places to connect with and follow industry leaders in your area and to demonstrate you are an integral part of the local trade community. These types of connections add a level of trust to your business that could otherwise take years to achieve.
  • Have an Appealing Website: It takes a little investment to have your website professionally tweaked, but the payoff can be tremendous. A professionally designed website can make your contracting business appear to be highly experienced and professional, and it provides an online venue to “tell your story.”

Offer Your Bids Electronically

The bid submission process can be difficult and time consuming if done manually. When you submit a proposal to undertake a construction project, it requires a detailed estimate of each task, along with the personnel and equipment you will use to complete the project. Construction bidding software makes sure you cover the entire scope of work and can make the difference between winning or losing a contract. PlanHub offers an electronic bid organizer and bid tracking system that can make winning project bids easier. Your bids are clearly organized and automatically emailed to the bid requestor. The general contractor requestor can easily track all subcontractor bidding activity and receive an alert when new bids come in. At a glance, they can also see who’s bidding on projects and who has successfully downloaded the required documents, along with the ability to instantly send a message when more information is needed, so communicating with you is easier and your plans are tracked as a serious contender. PlanHub simplifies the bidding process and organizes all bid information in one easy-to-navigate platform. The system is cloud-based, so you can access project files from anywhere, without having to download software applications to different computers or handheld devices. Not only is our system easy to learn, but we also offer a free demo download and access to our Masters Training. To learn more about our software system and how to effectively use it to win more bids, contact us today.


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