Do you spend hours searching through projects or drawing files to find key terms related to your work? Or you know you saw a detail somewhere in the project drawings for a walk-in cooler but don’t know what sheet it was on. Or you specialize in walk-in cooler installation and want to find only projects where they are included in the scope of work. Instead of spending hours and hours searching through hundreds or thousands of pages of drawings, when you could be bidding work, let PlanHub’s PDF Blueprint Scanning tool find them for you. The optical character recognition (OCR) tool in our software can search through all the drawings and documents for specific projects, or all the projects listed on PlanHub, for a specific keyword. And the tool gives you results narrowed down by your trade and region constraints, so the projects listed will always be relevant. You get not only the project name, but also the file name, a link to the file, and the page number where your keyword is found. The page number information alone will save you valuable time looking through files that contain potentially hundreds of pages. We’ve recently added the ability to set up alerts to notify you when drawings with your keyword(s) are posted to PlanHub. You can track multiple keywords with multiple alerts, always filtered by trade and region, making sure you know when new projects or documents have been posted. Setting up a PDF Blueprint Scanning alert is as simple as entering a keyword search term and saving that search as an alert. With this one step, you’ll be notified of any projects or drawings that meet your specifications, and immediately know where to look to find your scope of work. The PDF Blueprint Scanning tool is part of PlanHub’s new Bid Navigator tool set, which is available to Premier Package users. See a video demonstration of the Bid Navigator suite of tools. If you’d like to get a free 7-day trial of PlanHub’s Premier package, including Bid Navigator, sign up now. ‍ ‍


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