Knowing how to choose the right projects is an essential aspect of a subcontractor’s career. Part of choosing the right projects includes choosing quality general contractors. Keep reading to check out some helpful hints for what to look for in potential general contractors.

Qualities of a Good General Contractor

Good general contractors display professional behavior, which shows that they respect the subcontractors they work with and the work that they do. Integrity and strong communication skills are among the top qualities that can directly benefit their relationship with their subcontractors. By clearly setting guidelines for each project, keeping in touch with subcontractors throughout the project, and paying fairly and on time, general contractors show subcontractors that their work has value. Like other strong leaders, the best general contractors are also always building their vision and learning more about their profession in order to identify areas where their company can improve.

Why Finding a Good General Contractor is Important

Even projects that would otherwise be a great fit can be difficult to complete successfully when working with a general contractor that is irresponsible, unethical, or otherwise problematic. Quality subcontractors expect the best from themselves, and their expectations of their general contractors should be no different. General contractors that habitually pay late, insist that subcontractors perform extra work that was not agreed on, or refuse to follow safety guidelines can create an unsafe or otherwise undesirable work environment. By asking questions, speaking with other subcontractors who have worked for a specific general contractor, reading reviews before agreeing to any project, and using a construction bidding software, savvy subcontractors can identify potential problematic general contractors and only select projects from those that have been responsible in the past. PlanHub is an innovative platform that connects subcontractors with general contractors in their area. To learn more about our software, or to register for your free trial, contact us today!


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