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Measure Project Effectiveness for Subcontractors

A Subcontractor

A subcontractor’s work is never done. During a project, there’s a flurry of activities and so many moving parts that it’s almost impossible to catch a break. Still, you have to slow down at certain intervals to evaluate how the project is going and take measures to correct aberrations and keep both your general contractor and your workers happy. Luckily, when it comes to measuring how your construction project is doing, PlanHub is here to help.


Is your project within the preset timeline? Continuously evaluating your schedule is one way to gauge how the project is doing. Assess if the major milestones fall back on the dates that you had set. If not, identify any slippages and examine if they will affect your overall timescale of the project work.

Cash Flow Management

Cost management is central to measuring a project’s effectiveness. Evaluate how your project is performing financially. Compare what you are currently spending to what you had budgeted and if there are any variances, look to explain them. Based on the current spending, you may want to re-forecast to the end of your construction project. If the figures are too inflated, you’ll know your expenses will be out of control, and you’ll want to take steps to bring them closer to what you earlier anticipated.


This is the degree to which a project’s environment promotes completion of the project without major injuries or accidents. Remember your workers are the most crucial asset in your construction project. You should measure safety at least weekly, and continuously strive to make the project conditions safe for everyone.

Worker’s Satisfaction

Again, your staff is the essential asset of your construction project. Thus, their satisfaction should be key when measuring the success of your project. You can gauge worker satisfaction through one on one conversations, conducting surveys, or even through the use of a suggestion box. Ideally, you should do this as part of a continuous review – either weekly or monthly and at the end of the project.

General Contractor Satisfaction

Involve the general contractor and check in with them often on how the project is going. How do they feel about the project and what are their suggestions about what you could be doing differently? Communication goes a long way. Even if their feedback may be a bit subjective, it’s worth it.
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