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Flooring Worker

When working on any project, a general contractor should expect nothing but the best from any subcontractor they hire. This is especially true when looking for a flooring subcontractor. As a general contractor, you will need a flooring subcontractor who can advise you and get the job done right the first time. Through PlanHub’s subcontractor bidding site, you can find and connect with a reputable flooring subcontractor for you. Keep these below factors in mind when hiring flooring subcontractors for your next project.

Licensing and Certification

Different states have different requirements for subcontractors in a variety of fields. In California, for example, anyone who subcontracts in floor coverings must get their C-15 Flooring and Floor Covering Contractor license within the state. This involves passing the exam and meeting other standards to prove proficiency within the flooring trade. Prior to that, an individual must have had four years of work within the field, as a journeyman or foreman. Licensing also includes fingerprinting, a background check, and requires the individual be bonded.
While licensing for subcontractors may not be required in all states, it may be required in particular counties or cities within a state. Licensing, even where not required, is an advantageous differentiator from competitors. The same goes for certification, which is often voluntary, but can also be required in place of or in addition to licensing.

Diversity and Experience

When hiring a licensed flooring subcontractor, you know that he or she has worked in the field for at least four years to have received their license. However, depending on your project type, you may require someone with more experience.
When looking for a subcontractor through PlanHub, you can explain just what you are looking for in your flooring subcontractor and you should also ask for references. If you want someone with at least seven years of experience in vinyl coverings, you can add that in your project description. Or, if you want someone who has 10 years of experience in refinishing hardwood flooring, you can find one or more subcontractors with that experience and reliable references for your review.
Also keep in mind that it’s not only essential to find a flooring subcontractor with a given amount of experience, it’s also important to find someone who keeps up to date on modern furnishings and designs. Say you are working on a project that entails many individual offices–each may want different floor coverings and styles, while keeping longevity in mind. Your flooring contractor should be able to fill these needs for the project.

Bonding, Insurance, and Contracts

As previously mentioned, bonding is often required for licensing and certification. However, you will also want to make sure that the subcontractors you hire for flooring have their own liability insurance. Ask for proof of insurance as a prequalification.
Whether you are using the services of a flooring subcontractor
for the first time or have worked with them several times in the past, always write up a new contract for every project. Be sure to clarify the work, expectations, time frame, and responsibilities for each new project.
PlanHub’s construction bidding software provides general contractors the ease and comfort of connecting with subcontractors from your own computer. Our easy-to-use software helps you find the subcontractors you need to finish your projects correctly and on time. You will be able to connect with a multitude of potential subcontractors, examine their histories and experience, and review their bids to find the perfect choice for your upcoming projects.
To learn more about our construction bidding software, or to request a demo, contact us at PlanHub today!

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