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How to Attract the Next Generation of Workers

4 Construction Workers all looking the same way

Looking for younger workers to add to your workforce? The next generation of laborers and employees are looking for different things in a workplace than previous generations. Here are some tips to entice younger workers to join your company and bring new life to your business.

Add more tech to your operations

If you’re still running your company using paper spreadsheets and rolodexes, it may be time to upgrade. Young people are more tech savvy and digitally capable than ever. Switching over to more digital tools and online platforms can create a more engaging work environment. By upgrading your tech, you not only create more job opportunities, you also give young people the means to do work more efficiently.
Construction software can help with project management, safety management, and documentation. Bidding software, like PlanHub, assists with takeoffs, bid management, and finding work. Wearables and the internet of things are also becoming more prevalent on job sites. Hiring more young people can be beneficial in the process of bringing your business to the future.

Offer mentorship and training

Offering a mentorship or apprenticeship program can help young laborers work their way up the contractor ladder. The program can be formal or informal, depending on the type of work you do and the availability of programs in your area. Providing a mentorship program helps workers progress in their skills, make connections, and earn more money. You can also shape and mold workers to meet your particular needs and trades.
If you can’t develop an apprenticeship or mentorship program, consider offering as much training as possible, whether it’s in-house or outside learning. Encourage workers to attend conferences and webinars to expand their skill sets.

Create a positive company culture

Younger workers are looking for dynamic and inclusive companies to work for. Make sure your company provides a healthy, positive culture that doesn’t tolerate harassment, hazing, or other mistreatment. There should be a no tolerance policy to any kind of negative actions against another worker. The company culture should be one of mutual support, not competition. Creating a culture that is welcoming and enticing will go a long way for the next generation.

Offer fair compensation

Offering fair and competitive compensation packages will help attract younger workers. Be open about your wages and benefits and the opportunities to move up within your company. If you aren’t sure how your compensation stacks up with other companies, compare it to national averages with the Bureau of Labor Statistics or research local competitors to find out how much they are offering.
A competitive compensation package with good benefits can go a long way for a young person looking for a reliable career path. Young workers want to know that they are paid well and have an opportunity to grow in their position.

Make it easy to apply

Most younger workers are looking for jobs and opportunities online, so ensure that you have an online presence and can be easily found. Accept applications online and encourage applicants to submit them even when you aren’t hiring for a specific opening. Create a steady flow of applicants in case an opening comes up or you find a candidate that’s the right fit.
When you do have an opening, advertise it with job listing services so it can be found by those looking for work. List all your job openings on your own website as well.

Summing up

The rising generation wants to make a difference and expand their skill sets while on the job. Offering mentorship and training, a positive company culture, and fair compensation will make your company an exciting and stable place to work for young workers. Use them to bring your company into the 21st century with technology and software, and you’re bound to grow and expand your company in new ways.

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