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How to Find the Right Projects to Bid on

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How to Find the Right Projects to Bid on

Finding the right projects to bid on can be difficult for subcontractors. Each project has unique needs suited to specific subs based on size, skills, and workload. Additionally, looking for the right projects can take hours of combing through plan rooms and drawing files. Luckily, there are some great solutions for subs facing these obstacles. PlanHub has several tools that can make the search quicker and easier, so you can bid more work and get more jobs.

Review projects files and specs

PlanHub offers a Search tool called PDF Blueprint Scanning that allows you to search projects for any specific keyword around your trade or type of work. It scans all the individual files, plans, and specifications throughout projects in PlanHub to find the word you’re looking for. For example, a sub who works with concrete could search for something specific like “polished concrete” to find all the projects looking for those skills.
PDF Blueprint Scanning provides a comprehensive list of relevant projects for subs in PlanHub. If the document shows work that you provide, you can then access the job, and get the rest of the bid documents. The estimator views the drawings to see how much work there is and selects projects to bid on. This tool can save you time and a lot of effort.

See what your competitors are bidding on

PlanHub’s Competitive Advantage Analytics tool gives you a behind the scenes look at how many subcontractors are interested in a project. You simply select the trade you want to look for, select the type of activity you’re interested in, and the tool will show you how many companies have taken that specific action.
It’s easy to find out how many subcontractors in your trade were invited to bid on the project, viewed the project, downloaded the files, or submitted bids.

Is the project right for you?

There are lots of things to consider when determining if a project is right for your company. Scope of work is only one of them. Here are some other project characteristics you should consider before bidding:

Is the job public or private?

Privately owned projects are generally open for anyone to bid on. There aren’t any special requirements or qualifications necessary. For public work, however, contractors may need to be prequalified or purchase special bonds and insurance before working on a project.

What is this scale of the project?

The scale of your portion of the project, how big or small it is, determines the number of workers you’ll need on site. You’ll only want to bid on large projects if you have large crews available. If you only have a small number of workers, choose to bid on projects with a smaller scale of work.

What type of work is it?

Review the plans and specifications to determine the type of work that is required for the project. Make sure your team has the skills necessary to provide the work requested. Things to look at include quality specifications, required skill sets or certifications, and familiarity with products and materials.

What is the project schedule?

You want to make sure that you have availability for the project when your scope of work is ready. Check your workload against the project schedule given in the bid documents to make sure you’re available before bidding. PlanHub offers a tool called Bid Calendar that allows you to organize and plan all upcoming and potential projects in one place that links to whatever scheduling tool or calendar you use.

Find more jobs today

Finding the right jobs involves more than just looking for your scope of work. The size of the job and the project schedule are also important in assessing projects to bid. PlanHub offers several features that make looking for the right job quick and easy. Get started and start finding more jobs today.

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