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PlanHub Unveils 3 New Subcontractor Tools, Boosts Precon Solutions

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PlanHub, the leading cloud-based software as service (SaaS) preconstruction platform, announced today a series of powerful upgrades to its suite of digital solutions – Takeoff Software, Advanced Bid Builder and a more intuitive, user-friendly Activity Dashboard – to help subcontractors increase efficiency, streamline processes and drive revenue. These new additions build on PlanHub’s strong 2023 momentum, which has seen the successful publication of the 2023 Construction Industry Report, the launch of Lead Finder and the expansion of its end-to-end general contractors’ platform.

“Subcontractors are the backbone of the construction industry and need more efficient and effective tools to take advantage of a competitive and rapidly evolving technological landscape,” said Ro Bhatia, CEO of PlanHub. “We are excited to announce these innovative solutions to help them streamline operations, increase efficiency and drive new business.”

The upgrades will accelerate workflows, giving subcontractors the competitive edge needed to rise above endemic construction industry challenges. The enhanced capabilities include:

  •     Advanced Bid Building Features: The new, easy-to-use Advanced Bid Builder provides bid templates to enable subcontractors to easily create multiple templates for different recurring types of bid proposals, helping subcontractors save time and prepare more organized and accurate bids. It eliminates the need to wrestle with confusing Excel spreadsheets, difficult-to-edit PDFs, or struggle with formatting. In addition, taxes are easily and accurately calculated with the right totals, bids are organized, precise and professional-looking and, with one toggle, can automatically be sent to any general contractors added to the project.
  •     Enhanced Takeoff Functionality: PlanHub’s easy-to-use feature, which ensures a simple and precise takeoff process for subcontractors that increases accuracy, saves time and helps win more business, now allows subcontractors to import external projects directly into the solution. The feature will also include improved measuring tools to reduce errors and create more efficient and effective estimates.
  •     New Activity Dashboard: The upgraded activity dashboard will now highlight projects in the subcontractors’ area, summarize postings by general contractors in their network and recommend projects based on users with similar profiles and interests.

The three new features continue PlanHub’s strong 2023 momentum. In January, the company published its inaugural Construction Industry Report, a data-informed industry report that forecasts the latest trends in the construction sector, unveiled Lead Finder, providing general contractors with a constant stream of quality project leads, including not yet advertised or open-for-bidding commercial construction projects and an expansion of its General Contractors’ platform, creating a one-stop shop to help general contractors improve collaboration with subcontractors and material suppliers, find new projects, request, receive and select quality bids, qualify subcontractors and create winning proposals.

“At PlanHub, our mission is to provide simple, all-encompassing digital solutions that give construction professionals a competitive advantage in a rapidly digitizing industry,” Bhatia said. “With these upgrades, subcontractors have access to a full suite of easy-to-use innovative tools to find, win and easily track new business, and improve their processes from start to finish.“

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