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West Palm Beach, FL – January 31, 2022 – PlanHub, the leading cloud-based software as service (SaaS) preconstruction solution, officially announced the expansion of its end-to-end general contractors’ platform. The simplified, cloud-based tool will be a one-stop shop to help general contractors improve collaboration with subcontractors and material suppliers, find new projects, request, receive and select quality bids, qualify subcontractors and create winning proposals.

The expanded, easy-to-use platform takes the hassle and headaches out of preconstruction. General contractors can post unlimited projects for free, easily invite subcontractors and suppliers to bid, increase overall bid coverage, simply and quickly compare bids to reduce risk and assemble winning proposals. It is designed for the collaboration needed in preconstruction to boost efficiency, productivity, and profits while finding more projects in the design phase to fuel growth.

“The new General Contractor platform is an important step in PlanHub’s mission to help construction professionals create stronger relationships, increase efficiency, streamline their operations and make it easier to win business and grow,” said Ro Bhatia, CEO of PlanHub. 

“With the ability to find leads on exciting new projects, manage a huge network of subcontractors and suppliers and an end-to-end bid management platform — general contractors have unprecedented power to take their business to the next level.”

“The use of PlanHub supports our bid coverage as we grow and has been indispensable,” said TJ Andrade, Bid Coordinator at Madewell Construction. 

Being able to bid more projects on the platform means that in return, we are able to do more projects. They go hand-in-hand and make for increased productivity.”

The platform empowers users with the following:

Lead Finder – General contractors can ensure that they are increasing sales by accessing the newest building construction projects available, including hard-to-find private projects, and can view owners’ and architects’ full contact information.

Commercial Subcontractor Network – General contractors have direct access to the right people with the PlanHub Directory of 350,000+ subcontractors in 397 key trades, plus 4,500+ materials suppliers. With PlanHub, general contractors have direct access to the owners, subcontractors, and suppliers needed to win projects.

Private Planroom – Allows general contractors to choose to make projects private, giving access to only the subcontractors and suppliers invited to see the project and submit bids. 

Risk Management & Qualifications – Aids general contractors in reducing risks by clarifying and confirming a subcontractor qualification – while being able to request additional information with integrated communication functionality.

Bid Leveling – PlanHub’s bid leveling feature lets general contractors compare bids side-by-side, including bid amount, qualifications, and certifications, in order to assist in finding the right subcontractor.

Smart Coverage – Via the project dashboard, general contractors can easily see the status of project bids per trade and automatically receive filtered directory results to contact subcontractors in low bid coverage trades. 

“Amid significant economic headwinds, general contractors need help to find projects, produce better bids and win more jobs,” continued Bhatia.

“Innovative, simple-to-use preconstruction technology improves planning, increases operational efficiency and processes, and helps general contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers collaborate more easily to establish long-lasting connections that enhance stability and success.”

About PlanHub

PlanHub is the fastest-growing, cloud-based preconstruction platform that connects general contractors, subcontractors, owners, and material suppliers to build relationships and improve how they collaborate, manage their business, and win more projects together.

Created by contractors, for contractors. PlanHub is the most trusted end-to-end pre-construction platform, serving 55,000 general contractors and 350,000 subcontractors. PlanHub provides easy-to-use tools that connect construction professionals, simplify the bidding process, accelerate takeoff and find more leads, as well as access to in-depth market intelligence and dedicated personal service and support to help manage and grow their businesses.

PlanHub. Simplified Preconstruction for Everyone.

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