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Redefining Efficiency and Precision with Takeoff Core

A contractor using PlanHub's Takeoff Core.

In the realm of construction, every project begins with a meticulous takeoff process—a critical step that lays the foundation for accurate estimates and successful bids. PlanHub’s Takeoff Core emerges
as a game-changing solution, reshaping the way takeoffs are performed and propelling businesses toward greater success.

Say Goodbye to Manual Estimating Woes

Bid with confidence and precision using digital tools that eliminate the risk of costly estimating errors. Replace traditional pen and paper methods with PlanHub’s cutting-edge Takeoff Core, boosting accuracy and streamlining collaboration across your entire team, regardless of their location.

Accelerate Your Takeoff Workflow

Embrace a seamless and intuitive interface that ensures swift takeoff creation without the need for extensive training. In fact, you can cut your takeoff time by a remarkable 50%. The user-friendly experience allows you to conduct measurements and calculations in a fraction of the usual time, resulting in quicker estimates and bid generation than ever before.

Unleash the Power of Tools at Your Fingertips

PlanHub’s Takeoff Core offers an array of powerful tools designed to elevate your experience:

Takeoff Core Dashboard:  Easily manage all your takeoffs from a centralized location, providing a holistic view of your projects in progress.

All-in-One Wall Tool: Seamlessly calculate quantities and dimensions for walls with efficiency and precision.

Customizable Settings: Tailor your experience to your preferences, ensuring a personalized and efficient workflow.

Improved Area Tool:  Accurately measure and estimate areas within projects, reducing errors and saving time.

Ortho Functionality:  Leverage the tool’s orthographic projection capabilities for enhanced accuracy
in measurements.

Saved Sheet Rotations:  Retain sheet rotations to maintain consistent orientation across different sections of your project.

Collaboration Made Simple

Collaborating with your team members has never been easier. PlanHub’s Takeoff Core allows simultaneous collaboration with multiple team members, regardless of their geographical location. This enhanced teamwork ensures everyone is on the same page, driving efficiency and accuracy.

Mitigate Risk, Elevate Efficiency

Say goodbye to the risks associated with manual tools like paper printouts and calculators. PlanHub’s cloud-based takeoff tool ensures data security and accessibility, even in the face of hardware malfunctions. This reliability keeps your projects on track and minimizes the potential for setbacks.

Seamless Integration, Enhanced Success

Takeoff Core seamlessly integrates with PlanHub’s bid management software. Effortlessly download projects from PlanHub or import external projects. Quickly transition from takeoff to bid preparation, ensuring that your estimates reach general contractors faster than ever before.

Real Voices, Real Impact

Users have spoken about the transformative impact of Takeoff Core:

– “Incredibly Useful, quantifying volumes, areas, and counts within PlanHub, saving significant time.” – Raul, Tristate Awnings

– “Faster, easier estimates with advanced tech. Scale drawings in 30 secs, no page sifting.” – Chase, New South Blinds

– “Takeoff tool is very helpful. Perfect for initial project assessments.” – Walt, Blue Levels Services

Elevate Your Takeoff Process

Elevate your takeoff process from hours to minutes with PlanHub’s Takeoff Core. Seamlessly integrate
it with your bid management tools for a comprehensive solution that enhances accuracy, minimizes risks, and boosts collaboration. Stay ahead of your competition and secure more projects with precision and efficiency.

About PlanHub:

PlanHub is a leading provider of comprehensive bid management solutions for the construction industry. Our platform simplifies and streamlines the bidding process, connecting subcontractors and general contractors to facilitate collaboration and drive project success. With a commitment
to innovation and empowering our users, we continue to revolutionize the construction industry with cutting-edge features and a user-friendly experience.

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