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The Supplier Experience in PlanHub Just Got Better!

A supplier is sitting in front of the computer, using PlanHub.

You asked, and we listened! When you log into your existing PlanHub Basic supplier account, you’ll notice some exciting new improvements to help you experience more of the pipeline-boosting benefits its features have to offer. 

Check out what you’re getting: 

Greater Project Access 

In your Projects tab, you can now easily see projects closest to you to bid on! View project details, subcontractor activity, and files all in one place, and use the powerful keyword search to find results that match your criteria, so you quickly find your products—or your competitors’ products— within project documents.

PlanHub's projects page.


Lead Finder

We’ve unlocked access for you to try out Lead Finder, a unique and powerful feature that unlocks hard-to-find private projects in early budgeting and planning stages. Get in front of decision-makers early, increasing your chances of getting spec’d and chosen!

PlanHub's lead finder.

General Contractor & Subcontractor Directory

You’ll now be able to see a list of the nearest subcontractors and general contractors to you by trade within the Directory tabs, making it easier to find out who’s closest to you and is looking for the materials you sell. View their active projects, share estimates, or reach out to them directly in the app.

PlanHub's directory.

Competitor View

Competitor View enables you to block selected subcontractor contacts in-app, so they no longer receive estimates or messages you send in mass, and vice versa. You will also see a toggle that shows a view of all blocked contacts. This new functionality lets you better manage where your information goes and ensures only the most relevant parties receive it.

Ready to get started finding more leads? Log back in to your PlanHub for Suppliers account today to take advantage of your enhanced access!

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