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Construction Events Worth Attending in 2019

Construction Event

How many construction events and expos have you considered attending, then decided not to go? And how many times have you later heard yourself say, “if I only knew then what I know now”? Learning by trial and error in the construction industry can be very costly, so consider attending and learning from some of 2019’s best construction events across the United States, so you can be prepared for the future!

Modular Building Institute’s Annual Convention & Trade Show

March 15-18 | Las Vegas, NV
For those interested in the modular construction industry and wish to learn more about its growth, be sure to check out World of Modular and participate in discussions and panels soon! At MBI, you’ll meet with modular building manufacturers and dealers. This is great for suppliers of building products, services, and financing. To learn about modular building and prefab, check out MBI just around the corner. Highlights will include:

  • Discussion and development of the high interest in modular and offsite construction
  • Networking opportunities with 700+ architects, builders, contractors, dealers, developers, and equipment/service suppliers
  • Learning more from industry leaders about modular/site building, including best practices, integration, lean construction, sustainable standards like Net Zero, LEED, and passive house, and more.
  • Discovering how to integrate into applicable markets, like education, government, hospitality, multifamily, healthcare, workforce housing, and others.

AGC Centennial Convention

April 1-4 | Denver, CO
100 years and counting! The AGC Annual Convention is hosting its 100th event to bring contractors from across the United States to learn and implement industry-leading practices for their use in business decisions, operations, and strategy. This convention is great for everyone in the industry, from those working out at jobsites, to back-office managers that make all project processes run smoothly. Join us in breakout sessions, keynote presentations, and over 100 company showcases to meet and learn from contractors nationwide!

Advancing Preconstruction & Estimating

May 20-22 | Dallas, TX
Construction business owners, architects, estimators, planners, technology leaders, and others need to work together to advance and improve the industry. Advancing Preconstruction & Estimating 2019 will bring them together to learn and work together to do just that. Every part of the preconstruction process will be discussed, from initial project planning through operations handover.
The 2019 convention will cover such topics as:

  • For Owners & Clients
  • Reducing costs and time with modern contract types such as design-build and IPD
  • Aligning final assets to meet expectations by integrating with the preconstruction lifecycle
  • Learning and applying best practices on projects so they are more collaborative and can easily use advanced technology
  • For Estimators
  • Improving speed and accuracy of conceptual estimating with historical data
  • Using technology to create competitive bids and managing subcontractors
  • Incorporating the newest model-based tools and workflows for better estimation and visualization
  • Properly preparing for overhead or extraneous costs as they vary from budget estimations
  • For Preconstruction leaders
  • Efficiently training and retaining staff to provide proper, useful preconstruction services
  • Providing great customer service with a fluid design and estimate workflow
  • Choosing to seize the right opportunities in today’s fast-paced, growing markets
  • For Architects and Engineers
  • Better collaborating with clients for better communication and to meet and exceed their expectations
  • Optimizing designs for cost and constructability with improved design assist methods
  • Effectively delegating and assigning project tasks to teams that align with design development levels and expectations

ENR FutureTech

June 3-5 | San Francisco, CA
Business or IT leaders in architecture, construction, or engineering want to enhance construction productivity, profits, and safety. The ENR FutureTech convention provides these leaders an opportunity to explore emerging technologies to better their firms accordingly.
Today’s projects have high expectations and demanding schedules. Starting a project off on the right foot not only requires having a schedule and budget in place, but also having clear processes and communication with your foremen and trades. Through a series of thought-provoking, interactive sessions and networking, you will take away the latest knowledge of what technologies work best, what doesn’t, and what’s next for the future of the industry.
Why Attend FutureTech?

  • Extend your network
  • Discover and learn to incorporate new technology and solutions
  • Grow your business

The NAWC Annual Conference

August 21-24 | Atlanta, GA
The National Association for Women in Construction Annual Conference offers keynote speakers and SME panels on industry diversity and awareness, leadership training, and opportunities to network with fellow women in the business. Registration will open soon!

PlanGrid Construction Summit

September 29-30 | San Francisco, CA
Join 500+ construction professionals for keynote and industry experts who will provide insight on topics such as increasing productivity, managing change, and adopting technology. You’ll network with your peers and discover new ways to become even more productive. Registration will open soon!


October 9-11 | National Harbor, MD
CONSTRUCT is an education and expo event to share the latest in standards and best practices, industry trends, and emerging technologies. A variety of disciplines from all aspects of the construction industry will converge, working together to help improve the construction industry’s future.
Join professionals such as construction architects, designers, project managers, contractors, and more. Together, everyone will learn more about the industry, driven by solutions. As all these disciplines within the construction work together, a more collaborative work environment may emerge and grow. Registration will open soon!

Greenbuild International Conference & Expo

November 20-22 | Atlanta, GA
Greenbuild International Conference and Expo is the world’s largest conference and expo for green, sustainable building. The expo is perfect for professionals in architecture, construction, engineering, planning, and interior design looking to build and grow, and yet remain conservative, thoughtful, and ethical in construction and urban development.
Greenbuild is home to over 200 presentation sessions and sustainable show floor products floor. Even the way the event is produced is sustainably done. The ultimate goal is to provide you with enough information and detail, so you may return to your work to practice and make sustainable decisions that will grow your construction business while helping nature as well. You’ll learn how your responsible actions impact everyone and everything, especially as they relate to human wellbeing, climate change, our ecosystem, efficiency and performance, and more. Registration will open soon!
PlanHub, one of the industry’s leading bid management and plan room systems, encourages everyone in the construction industry and environment to attend as many events as possible to stay atop the rapid advancements in materials, technologies, approaches, and other changes in the sector. Contact us to discuss how our software can help you get more bids and contracts, stay organized, and stay in touch with your subcontractors in real time to grow your construction and contracting work today.

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