Keeping up with the latest construction trends is a great way to become a forerunner in the industry. Modern buildings have a variety of aesthetic and sustainable features that set them apart and knowing how to design buildings that incorporate the newest trends can earn your company an edge over the competition. Making small changes to the way you build and manage projects can also decrease costs and increase efficiency. Keep an eye out for these two major trends currently impacting the construction industry, as well as practical ways to incorporate them into your construction project.

1. Green Construction

Sustainability is a hot topic in a variety of industries, and contractors that prioritize incorporating renewable resources into their new construction projects pave the way for a future of green buildings. Although solar panels and other forms of renewable energy can be more expensive to install than traditional sources, many allow building owners and renters to save money in the long run. The cost may also begin to decrease in the near future as more and more people ask for and embrace the popularity of sustainable options. The environmental benefits of renewable resources can also help outweigh higher costs.

2. Use of New Technology

Technology has allowed several new trends to emerge in the construction world that help general contractors and subcontractors boost efficiency, increase safety, and save money. Incorporating smart contracts, drones, and online platforms such as PlanHub, which creates a simple way for subcontractors to connect with general contractors, can provide a variety of benefits to your construction business. At PlanHub, we encourage general contractors and subcontractors to stay in the loop about the latest trends to set themselves apart from competitors. Incorporating technology, sustainability, and other construction trends in your projects keeps your customers happy, helps you save money, and benefits your construction business in a variety of other ways. To learn more about our general contractor software, or for more information about PlanHub and its benefits, contact us today.


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