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Hiring Painting Subcontractors? 5 Tips

a painter working on construction site

As a general contractor, when searching for painting subcontractors, it is imperative to keep certain aspects in mind to ensure you hire the right expert. By utilizing a construction bidding software such as PlanHub, you can easily connect with high-quality subcontractors that are right for the job. Check out these five factors to consider when hiring painting subcontractors.

1. Certification

Certification in the painting industry is just as crucial as in any other line of work. Luckily, there are many painting programs, meaning subcontractors can have more than one certification under their belt. Depending on the certification, the most basic requirements should cover aspects such as color foundation, coating, application techniques, as well as safety practices. Be on the lookout for qualifications that also cover environmental regulations, compliance, and maintenance since these will come in handy while working on different projects. The necessary education ensures you get quality work, so remember to do a thorough check on the kind of certification you expect.

2. Experience

Your candidate may have the papers, but how good is the work they provide? Hiring an experienced subcontractor comes in handy, as it guarantees you high-quality workmanship. It’s best practice to check how long your candidates have been in business. If you are working with a new painting subcontractor, the right certifications should suffice. If, on, the other hand, they are veterans, do a deep dive to verify that your candidate has a positive track record to back up their skills. It’s in best practice to be cautious of companies who have only been in business for less than two years. The more years in business the better, as there will likely be more reviews available. Start with sites such as Yelp and go for multiple review sites to get a feel of their work.
In addition to online searches, ask for references from multiple parties who have worked with the subcontractors. Old clients are especially useful as they will give you insights about the longevity of the work provided. New clients can also help you discover how good or bad your painting subcontractors’ current practices are, so be sure to use both parties.

3. Insurance

Insurance is another factor to consider while looking for painting subcontractors, and it is often a tricky area to navigate. Here, you need to consider the type of working arrangement that you are comfortable with, whether long term or short term. Most contractors who are looking for long-term subcontractors are in charge of their subordinate’s insurance policies. This means that as the main contractor, you are in charge of your subcontractors’ insurance cover. If, on the other hand you are looking for a short-term engagement, it may be best if your painting subcontractors use their policies.

4. Expertise

Painting requires versatility, meaning your subcontractors should be well-versed in materials pertaining to your line of work and the painting industry at large. Their ability will show in their latest projects, from various displays of color techniques to finishes.

5. Scheduling and Work Appointments

Hiring subcontractors means working with independent employees with multiple engagements, which may put you at risk of a slow work pace. Before settling on any work plans, make sure that your subcontractors are available and can work with your schedule.
Whoever you hire will determine the results you get on your next project. Choose someone who will provide long-lasting results by using the above checklist.
PlanHub is a cloud-based construction bidding software and online plan room that allows general contractors to evaluate the quality and coverage of bids and connect with multiple subcontractors. To learn more about our software and its features, contact us today!

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