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Hiring Landscaping Subcontractors: 9 Tips

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Quality subcontractors are essential for successfully completing construction projects. A good landscaping subcontractor offers construction companies a lot of benefits. However, a bad subcontractor can put the entire job site in jeopardy.
As a general contractor, you’ll want to do your research before hiring a landscaping subcontractor. Utilizing a subcontractor bidding site can help you easily get bids from multiple subcontractors. Make sure they have a great deal of experience in their field and have gotten positive reviews from people whom they have worked with in the past. You’ll also want to know whether they charge a per-project rate or whether you will be paying them hourly. All of these factors make an enormous difference when you are hiring a landscaping subcontractor.

1. Prequalification

Make sure your subcontractor is qualified. Take as much time as possible to screen people before you hire them. Most importantly, make sure they are licensed and insured. Insurance expires and safety records change. Make sure your subcontractor’s qualifications are up to date. This will ensure that your projects are in compliance.

2. Clarity

Make sure you and your subcontractor are both crystal clear about the expectations of the project. This will save you a lot of headache later on. You’ll save valuable time and money if you communicate effectively right away, especially if you’re on a deadline.

3. Planning

Make sure your landscaping subcontractor is included in plans for safety talks, material deliveries, and so on. It will help everyone if the company is informed about every element of the project. This will prevent you from having to deal with miscommunication issues.

4. Ensure Frequent Communication

Make sure that you frequently check-in with your landscaping subcontractor and communicate about the project. Sometimes, wires get crossed and certain aspects of the project can be misunderstood or interpreted differently. It’s best to communicate about this as early as possible in order to complete projects on budget and on schedule.

5. Evaluate Your Landscaping Needs

Evaluate your landscaping needs and determine which types of services you would like to hire a landscaping subcontractor for, whether that be constructing walkways or patios, planting trees and other shrubbery, or both. Doing so will help you narrow your search. It will help you find the perfect landscaping subcontractor for your project.

6. Read Online Reviews and Ratings

When you are searching for a landscaping subcontractor, you will want to read reviews of their work from independent websites. This will help you determine their strong suits. Home Advisor is an excellent website to visit that provides reviews of landscaping contractors.

7. Check the Landscaping Subcontractor’s Credentials

Make sure that the landscaping subcontractor you are about to hire is in good standing professionally. Most states offer an online database where you can determine this information. This is a very important step.

8. Evaluate the Landscaping Subcontractor’s Previous Experience

Make sure you determine how much experience this landscaping contractor has under their belt. Generally speaking, choosing someone who has extensive experience in their field will result in fewer mistakes and a job completed on time and on budget.

9. Educate Yourself About Hourly and Per-Project Costs

Make sure you know how much the landscaping subcontractor who you are about to hire charges. Figure out whether you will be paying this person hourly or whether you will be paying them for each project. Either way, it’s important to budget accordingly.
At PlanHub, our cloud-based construction bidding software and online plan room is excellent for helping general contractors find quality subcontractors in every field and efficiently completing projects. To learn more about our software and its features and benefits, or to request a demo, contact us today!

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