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4 Challenges in Construction Projects

The construction industry is filled with challenges that can slow the progress of construction projects and complicate relationships between subcontractors and general contractors. Check out four common challenges that are found in construction projects below, as well as tips for using an online platform like PlanHub to minimize stress by streamlining and organizing project information.

1. Lack of Communication

Poor communication can make any career more difficult, but it can be particularly problematic in a field that relies on precision, such as construction. Construction workers need strong communication skills in order to make sure that buildings and other projects are safe for the people who will use them. Utilizing an online plan room and keeping a written record of important information online, rather than depending on paperwork that can get lost and conversations that may be forgotten or misinterpreted, can help construction workers communicate more effectively.

2. Unrealistic Expectations

Clearly defining and agreeing on expectations before beginning a construction project ensures that both general contractors and subcontractors and their clients know exactly what to expect from one another. Allotting too little time to safely complete a project, unrealistic pay expectations, and other discrepancies can make successfully completing a project more complicated than it needs to be.

3. Limited Cash Flow

Construction projects need to have a stable cash flow in order to function properly. A limited cash flow can result in interruptions in purchasing materials and paying workers, which can keep your project from being completed on schedule.

4. Lack of Skilled Workers

A shortage of qualified construction workers can lead to a wide variety of challenges. Workers who lack necessary skills or professionalism are not likely to build the safest or longest-lasting projects. Using an online platform, such as PlanHub, is a quick and easy way to connect with a wide variety of skilled construction workers in your area to find a team that best meets the needs of your project.
At PlanHub, our software is designed to help limit stress and streamline projects from beginning to end. To learn more about PlanHub, or to schedule a demo, contact us today!


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