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How to Find Roofing Jobs as a Subcontractor

A Worker on Roofing Job

If you are looking to be hired as a roofing subcontractor, you need to reach out to general contractors who are bidding work on subcontractor bidding sites. Finding roofing project leads starts with having an online presence, networking, and using online construction bidding sites like PlanHub.

1. Get a well-designed website

All contractors should have a well-designed website for their company. A website makes you easier to find online, which is where most general contractors will look for a roofing contractor. It doesn’t have to be fancy or have a lot of bells and whistles. Here’s what you should include:

  • Company name, phone number, and contact email address
  • Photos of projects, preferably before and after shots (showcase your skill and experience!)
  • Customer reviews or recommendations
  • Keyword search terms, especially focused on the locations you service
  • Call to action, make it easy for potential customers to contact you

Creating a website doesn’t have to be expensive or hard work. Many hosting services offer free or low-cost design software that you can use to quickly create a company website. You can also hire a professional to design and create your website.

2. Have a social media presence

Being active on social media helps improve your position on internet search engine results pages. By tying your profile to your company website, you can boost your online presence even more.
You don’t have to become a master of all the available platforms, just focus on one or two. If you’re trying to reach general contractors who can give you work, focus your efforts on LinkedIn. The platform is set up specifically for building business relationships and is where most GCs connect.  Plan to post content once or twice a week and use LinkedIn’s search engine and messaging capabilities to target specific companies in your geographic location.
What should you post on social media? Include information about your services, materials, photos of projects, customer testimonials, employee profiles, and information on community events. You can post just text, photos, or videos, whichever feels most comfortable.

3. Network

Networking is the number one way to get job leads. Planhub offers you the opportunity to do this through our site, allowing you to find open positions and connect with homeowners or contractors who could use your help. You can also increase your business network by attending industry events in your area, both in person and virtually, with other crews, workers and contractors. Use these events to target and connect with general contractors. The goal is to develop a relationship first, then ask for project leads or recommendations.
Another great way to connect with general contractors and get information about projects is to join your local contractor’s exchange. These organizations provide members with information about projects, and often hold classes or networking events to help you build your business.

4. Use PlanHub

PlanHub, a construction bidding website, helps you find new construction projects in your service area quickly through its robust platform. You can search for jobs in your area, or even in other cities or states. All the information you need to bid on a project is found on the platform, and it’s easy to search by key terms, such as “roofing” or “membrane roofing.”
When you find a project you’d like to bid on, you can reach out directly through the platform to the GCs bidding the project if you have any questions or concerns. You can then submit your bid through the platform, ensuring that the general contractor gets your proposal.
On PlanHub’s platform GCs can also search for roofing subcontractors, so you’ll want to make sure your profile is complete. Include your roofing experience and past employment. GCs can send you messages or invite you to bid projects in your service area.
The best ways to find roofing project leads is to have a well-designed website, be active on at least one social media platform, network, and use PlanHub to search for projects and general contractors.
To see how PlanHub can help you find more leads, request a demo today.

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