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Where to Find Pool Subcontractors

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When bidding on projects that have pools, it’s important to get a knowledgeable, experienced pool subcontractor. You want someone who has experience working in the location of your project, and who has the knowledge of every phase of a construction project, and who knows how to perform this specialized work. You can find luxurious pool subcontractors by performing an internet search or using local connections and referrals, but the best way is to use PlanHub’s database.

What Are The Swimming Pool Contractors?

Swimming pool contractors are professionals or companies specialized in the design, construction, installation, renovation, and maintenance of swimming pools. They are skilled in various aspects of pool construction, including excavation, plumbing, electrical work, structural design, and finishing. Swimming pool contractors work closely with clients to turn their visions and requirements into functional and aesthetically pleasing swimming pools.

How to Find Pool Subcontractors?

Finding swimming pool subcontractors for a construction project involves a strategic approach to identify qualified and reliable professionals who specialize in pool construction. Here are some steps to help you find pool subcontractors:

General internet search

To find a swimming pool subcontractor, you can do an internet search for “custom pool contractors” to get a listing in your area. Your browser will return a long list of bidding sites designed to find a contractor, as well as a list of nearby pool design contractors.
The swimming pool project contractors you see on an internet search are not vetted or prequalified; they just have an online listing. There’s no prerequisite for experience or years in business. Also, they may not be licensed, if that’s a requirement in your state. In order to thoroughly research these pool project contractors, you’ll need to perform extensive searches looking for the company website, licensing status, and customer reviews. And there’s no guarantee that these companies are still in business.
It may take you several hours to find and research just a few contractors, and then you have to try to get in touch with them. If their contact information is not up to date, you’ll have to spend more time researching that.

Local connections and referrals

Another way to locate pool subcontractors for your backyard oasis is to reach out to local connections or get referrals from other contractors or pool suppliers. You may be able to find pool contractors in your local Chamber of Commerce or local pool builder’s exchange. These pool builder organizations usually have rosters that you can search to find a pool construction company to work with.
You can also ask other contractors you work with if they have experience with pool contractors. Site work or excavation contractors would be the best bet to get these referrals.
Whether you find a swimming pool contractor through a local organization or a referral, you still need to do research to confirm that the swimming pool contractor has the skills you need, is licensed, and is looking for work.


PlanHub provides a subcontractor database that makes it easy to find just the contractors you need for your job. You simply type in “pool contractors” in the search bar, and you’ll get a list of contractors in your area.
From the platform, you can send subcontractors messages to confirm their availability and their skill set. Once you’ve chatted with them, you can send them an invitation to bid on your project, and they can have direct access to the documents and files. If they have questions about construction site hazards or more, they can submit them directly to you through the platform.
Using PlanHub to find custom pool subcontractors makes the construction bidding process easy. You have all the pool building information you need to vet and connect with luxurious pool contractors in your area, without spending hours doing extensive research. And the service is free for general contractors.
For a demo on how PlanHub can help you find a new construction project or subcontractors for your bidding projects, request a demo or contact us if you have questions.

Why is it difficult to find swimming pool contractors?

Finding swimming pool contractors can be challenging for several reasons, and these challenges may vary depending on location, market conditions, and other factors. Here are some common reasons why it can be difficult to find swimming pool contractors:

Specialized Skill Set

Pool construction requires a specialized skill set and knowledge of various construction and engineering principles. Not all contractors have the expertise to design and build swimming pools, making it more challenging to find qualified professionals.

Licensing and Regulation

Pool contractors are often subject to specific licensing and regulatory requirements, varying by jurisdiction. Meeting these requirements can be a barrier for some contractors, limiting the pool of available professionals.

Seasonal Demand

Demand for swimming pool construction is often seasonal, with peak demand during warmer months. This seasonality can result in a fluctuating availability of contractors, making it challenging to secure their services during peak times.
High Demand and Low Supply
In certain regions or during periods of economic growth, there may be high demand for construction services, including swimming pool construction. This high demand can lead to a scarcity of available contractors.
Specialized Equipment and Materials:

Building swimming pools requires specialized equipment and materials. Contractors need access to these resources, and the availability of such resources may influence the number of contractors in a given area.

Complex Permitting Process

The permitting process for swimming pool construction can be complex and time-consuming. Contractors need to navigate local building codes and obtain the necessary permits, which can contribute to delays in starting new projects.

Economic Factors

Economic conditions can impact the availability of skilled labor in the construction industry. During economic downturns, some contractors may leave the industry or move to other regions in search of better opportunities.

Word of Mouth and Referrals

Many swimming pool contractors rely on word of mouth and referrals for new business. This can lead to a more closed network of contractors, making it challenging for new clients to identify and connect with reliable professionals.

Geographic Concentration

Swimming pool contractors may be concentrated in specific geographic areas, particularly in regions with a high demand for outdoor recreational amenities. This concentration can result in competition for services.
Complex Project Management
Swimming pool construction involves various elements, including excavation, plumbing, electrical work, and finishing. Coordinating these diverse tasks requires effective project management skills, and not all contractors may specialize in this type of coordination.

Despite these challenges, with careful research, networking, and a proactive approach, it is possible to find reputable swimming pool contractors. Engaging in thorough due diligence, checking references, and exploring multiple avenues for contractor discovery can help mitigate some of the difficulties associated with finding pool construction professionals.

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