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  • Case Study

    S&S Waste: Boosting Success with PlanHub Integration

    July 25, 2023

    “I genuinely appreciate the effort your team has put into creating such a visually appealing and functional user interface.” Victor Martinez, West Coast Sales, Manager, S&S Waste   Summary S&S Waste, founded by Sheldon Mickelson in 1987, initially faced financial struggles but quickly grew under Sheldon’s management. After parting ways with his temporary partner Steve, Sheldon […]

  • Case Study

    Efficiency for H&H Outdoor Tulsa Is with PlanHub

    July 19, 2023

    “I believe that PlanHub is very easy to use, and it’s right there in your face. You don’t have to click on many tabs or buttons to find what you’re looking for. Very simple.” – Administrative Assistant , H & H Outdoor Tulsa   Summary H&H Outdoor Tulsa is a reputable family-owned landscaping company based […]

  • Case Study

    3MG Roofing & Solar Embraces PlanHub's Lead Generation

    July 14, 2023

    “A company would choose to hire us for restoration or renovation projects because that’s our expertise and focus – it’s our bread and butter.” – Randall Lyon, Project Manager, 3MG Roofing and Solar   Summary 3MG Roofing and Solar is a Florida-based company specializing in roofing and solar installation services. The company has been operating […]

  • Case Study

    Billion-Dollar Powerhouse: Oldcastle, A PlanHub Member

    July 13, 2023

    “We are sort of like a vacuum cleaner out there; we don’t miss anything if we can help it.” – Steve Bischke,  Architectural Sales Manager, Oldcastle.   Summary Oldcastle is a highly esteemed company that operates as both a supplier and manufacturer, with an impressive market value in the billion-dollar range. Established in 1973, the […]

  • Case Study

    Adas Renovations Group & PlanHub

    June 29, 2023

    “We love PlanHub for all of the great opportunities it has for us.” – Yari De Santos, Construction Office Manager, Adas Renovations Group LLC.   Summary Adas Renovations Group LLC, located in Denver, Colorado, is a reputable company specializing in major renovations, both for residential and commercial projects, as well as tenant finish services. With […]

  • Case Study

    Dynamite Demolition LLC: Ambitious Growth Projections and Strategic Partnership with PlanHub

    June 13, 2023

    “Work smarter, not harder. I’m looking to at least make a quarter to a half a million dollars within the year. That would mean a 40 or 30% growth projection with PlanHub.” – Christine, Dynamite Demolition LLC   Summary Challenges High labor costs Difficulty of finding qualified talent Future trends that may arise in the […]

  • Case Study

    Unlocking Growth Potential: MilliCare’s Opportunity with PlanHub

    June 7, 2023

    “Look, it’s what did I spend $1,500 or something like that in the year? If I can get one or 2 jobs, it more than pays for it. If I got 5 additional jobs, that would almost double my business and that would increase my business by 70%.” – Ken Granader, MilliCare Denver South   […]

  • Case Study

    EverLine’s Colorado Franchise Sends Bi-Weekly Bids with PlanHub’s Tools

    June 1, 2023

    “So there are two aspects of it, one is safety, and then the other is customer experience. Because a parking lot is the first thing that you see as a customer of a business, if it looks good, then people are more likely to go to your business. So it’s also a good marketing tool […]

  • Case Study

    Unlocking New Opportunities with PlanHub: Tri State Awnings' Success Story

    May 31, 2023

    “I actually really loved PlanHub compared to the other portals that were also sign-up with because it’s user-friendly. It gives you a lot of information, and it’s the one that has more accuracy when it comes to the keywords that we’re looking for.” – Raul Martinez, Tristate Awnings   Summary Tri State Awnings, a family-owned […]

  • Case Study

    Building profitable new relationships across a large dispersed region.

    May 25, 2023

    “We’re using PlanHub to build more relationships with subcontractors and general contractors in all our branches and regions”. – David Thompson, Koorsen Fire & Security   Summary Challenges Connecting with general contractors and subcontractors Finding opportunities across a widely dispersed region with numerous branches Solutions Leadfinder allows every branch to find and build its own […]

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